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How do I report a scooter theft to the police?

How do I report a scooter theft to the police?

If your scooter is stolen, you must report and declare this theft

Such a mishap can occur at any time, it is traumatic, and requires rapid reactions from you.

Below you will learn what to do in these trying times.

When to report this theft?

As soon as it is noticed, it is important to report this theft in order to increase the chances of finding your property, and to release your liability if the thief uses this two-wheeler (accident, illicit or even criminal operations, etc.). In addition, filing a complaint will prevent a new fraudulent registration.

File a complaint

You will have 24 hours to report this theft to the police or the gendarmerie. They will record your statements and give you a receipt proving this complaint.

On what grounds is it possible to lodge a complaint?

When a serious criminal event occurs that generates harm, any injured person (private individual, professional, company, etc.) can present their grievances to the authorities (gendarmerie, police, etc.), who will investigate this complaint.

How to make a complaint?

At the time of your testimony, be sure to provide as many details as possible about this theft, carefully describe the vehicle, and the circumstances surrounding its disappearance (with any testimonies). If possible, add photos of the stolen device, the location of the crime, as well as anything that could help the research move forward.

Or write a preliminary complaint on the Internet?

You will save time by immediately reporting this theft to the competent authorities by means of a "pre-complaint" on the Internet, before traveling in person (essential step).

You will then have to report the theft of this scooter to your insurer.

As soon as the police or gendarmerie have given you the receipt justifying your complaint, you must report the theft of this scooter to your insurer within 48 hours.

If you have the possibility, the ideal will be to go quickly to the agency of your insurer to declare this loss.

Without assuming that many stolen vehicles are fortunately found within 30 days (unfortunately, sometimes degraded), it will be useful to specify the market value of the stolen device. Attach the invoices for any additional equipment added (and declared on the insurance policy) to give the expert a precise basis for valuing your property.

Also check that your scooter insurance contains a clause including theft, because it is not systematic (“third party” contracts do not include any).

If you have difficulty getting to your insurer, you can report the theft by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, or report it online on the website of this insurer.

If the theft was carried out in one of your premises, and the damage relates to this incident, it will be covered by your home insurance (declaration to be made).

But do not change anything until the police come to see them.

Follow-up of your complaint

If your scooter is found before 30 days (and it is covered by a “theft” clause), your insurance will pay for any repairs within the limits of the estimate provided by the expert.

The police will restore the validity of your registration, and you will regain the legal use of your vehicle.

If the scooter is not found within 30 days, destroyed or beyond repair, the insurance will offer you compensation calculated by the expert.

These basic rules may help prevent the theft of your two-wheeler.

Never leave items in the saddlebags that could tempt would-be thieves. Likewise, keep the registration certificate in a safe place, which will be essential if the scooter disappears, as well as the ignition keys (if this device exists). 

Some insurances require the equipment to be fitted with an alarm device or a steering blocking system ... These obligations may seem costly and superfluous, but are dissuasive, because more and more often scooters & motorcycles are stolen in France.

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