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A new law to improve equality between men and women

A new law to improve equality between men and women

Law for equality between women and men: what will change.

The law promulgated on August 4 includes a series of measures intended to better ensure equality between men and women. Several provisions aim to protect victims of domestic violence.

The policy for equality between women and men includes in particular:

  1. Prevention and protection actions to fight against violence against women and attacks on their dignity.
  2. Actions aimed at strengthening the fight against the prostitution system.
  3. Actions intended to prevent and fight against sexist stereotypes.
  4. Actions aimed at ensuring that women have control over their sexuality, in particular through access to contraception and voluntary termination of pregnancy.
  5. Actions to fight against the precariousness of women.
  6. Actions aimed at guaranteeing professional and salary equality and diversity in the professions.
  7. Actions tending to promote a better articulation of life times and a balanced sharing of parental responsibilities.
  8. Actions aimed at promoting equal access of women and men to electoral mandates and elective functions, as well as to professional and social responsibilities.
  9. Actions aimed at guaranteeing equal treatment between women and men and their equal access to cultural and artistic creation and production, as well as to the dissemination of works.
  10. Actions aimed at bringing French and international research on the social construction of gender roles to the public's attention.

To better protect women, the law provides the acceleration of the issuance of the protection order and the extension to 6 renewable months of the for which the measures of a protection order are taken. Introduced in 2010, the protection order can be requested by any victim of violence committed by their spouse. The family court judge can order provisional measures concerning the couple and the children (separate residence, exercise of parental authority, etc.).

Other measure: the principle of the eviction of the perpetrator of violence from the home and the maintenance of the victim in the accommodation is reaffirmed.

Law on the individualization of penalties and strengthening the effectiveness of criminal penalties:

Law n ° 2014-896 of August 15, 2014 on the individualization of sentences and strengthening the effectiveness of penal sanctions was published in the Official Journal of August 17. An article (art. 25) is devoted to women in prison.

"When a sentence of imprisonment for a woman who is more than twelve weeks pregnant must be carried out, the Public Prosecutor or the judge responsible for the application of sentences shall endeavor by any means either to postpone this sentence. execution is to ensure that the sentence is carried out in an open environment. "

The law modifies in particular the code of criminal procedure, by inserting this article 708-1.

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