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Securing and insuring a family home: what are the steps to follow?

Securing and insuring a family home: what are the steps to follow?

Securing and insuring a family home is something to be taken seriously. Indeed, it is an important step to protect the house as well as its occupants. In addition to strengthening the security of your home, it is also very important to take out a home insurance contract to be guaranteed compensation in the event of a claim., it could be a theft or a burglary. Here are the main steps to follow to secure and insure a family home.

What is the best way to secure a family home?

First, you need to make sure your home is secure. For this, you must install an alarm system with:

  • Motion detectors;
  • Surveillance cameras;
  • code locks;
  • Additional security locks.

In addition to these security measures, you must also ensure that your home is well maintained and that all windows and doors are closed. When you leave your home, remember to double check that your doors and windows are properly closed.

What type of insurance can I purchase for my home?

You must take out home insurance for your home. This insurance will protect you against the risks associated with fire, property damage and theft. You can also take out specific insurance for your home that will cover construction and property risks.

Once you have chosen the right insurance, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of your contract and take note of the exclusions.

Home insurance

Home insurance belongs to the category of essential insurance for everyday life. This type of insurance contract allows you to be compensated by your insurer in the event of a claim occurring on the accommodation. Unlike a tenant, a landlord is not required to have a home insurance policy.

Home insurance protects a home or family assets. Generally called multi-risk home insurance, this type of contract covers:

  • Damage to property;
  • The civil liability of the insured;
  • “Private life” civil liability.

In the event of the death of the subscriber of the multi-risk home insurance, there are two options, either make a modification for a succession, or make a termination.

home insurance concept

In the first case, it is essential to make a declaration of death in order to obtain the death certificate which will make it possible to modify the clauses of the contract with the insurer. In the second case, the declaration of death is also essential if you wish to terminate the multi-risk home insurance contract following the death of the subscriber.

The civil liability of the insured

In general, civil liability insurance is a contract that covers damage caused by the insured to a third party (fire, water damage, etc.). This guarantee makes it possible, for example, to compensate your neighbors who are victims of damage for which you would be responsible.. With this type of insurance, it is the insurer who takes charge of the compensation intended to repair the damage caused to others by the insured.

Civil liability “private life”

A "private life" civil liability insurance contract also offers a guarantee that covers material, immaterial and bodily damage caused to a third party.. This guarantee covers not only the subscriber, but also all the members of his family.

Construction site all-risk insurance

Although it is not mandatory, an all-risk construction insurance contract can be very useful when building or renovating your home. This warranty covers material damage that may damage a building during construction or renovation work. This type of insurance offers two guarantees, namely the main guarantees and the additional guarantees.

real estate insurance

Real estate insurance or mortgage loan insurance is insurance that makes it possible to insure a family home. In fact, this guarantee covers the repayment of a home loan in the event of the death, disability or incapacity of the borrower.

How to take out insurance to protect a family home?

No matter which insurance contract you want to take out to protect your home and the members of your family, the steps to follow are almost the same.

You have the possibility to find the insurance contract and the guarantee you need by contacting one of the following organisations:

  • An insurance company;
  • An insurance broker;
  • A bank ;
  • A general insurance agent.

Remember to contact several agents or several insurance companies in order to make comparisons of offers. It's the best way to find the insurance that suits your needs at an affordable price.

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