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Who pays for what in shared custody?

We are not going to focus on the situations of the parents whether they are married or divorced, they must respect the custody rights of their children. In the case of'a separation, the children are generally kept by the mother or the father according to the agreement or the declaration of the judge. Child care providers can be categorized based on each parent's situation. Even in different accommodation, parents must cover their child's expenses while respecting his rights. For joint custody, which of the parents must pay the indemnities?

Joint custody or other custody is an option that parents must choose after divorce. However, they must make a payment to cover their child's expenses. We will explain in this article, which parent must pay this payment.

Conditions to respect for joint custody of a child

Joint custody is awarded only when the children have reached a certain age of 6 or 7 years old. Autonomy and maturity are important in this situation. Thus, the judge refuses in most cases, joint custody if the child is very young. Furthermore, the parents' residence must not be far from their child's school. This reduces the expenses they have to incur.

After separation or divorce, expenses for children are allocated according to the type of care. Speaking of expenditure, we can distinguish:

  • Food expenditure;
  • School supplies ;
  • Sanitary product;
  • Expenditure on clothes;
  • Canteen or alimony expenses;
  • Childcare costs (for crèches and for the preschool, kindergarten and other assistants);
  • Extracurricular activity ;
  • Gift and present;
  • Subscription and telephone credit (for older children and those who have them);
  • Hobbies (games, toys, etc.);
  • School trip ;
  • Health emergency (medicine costs, hospital)
  • Other expenses and fees (school effects and other);
  • Pocket money.

Apart from these allowances, there are still other children's fees and expenses that parents will have to take care of. These different types of expenses must be insured in order to offer the child a normal life and their right.

Sharing of expenses and assistance that parents must provide for children in shared custody

concept of parental expenses

After a separation, participation in the child's expenses can be accomplished in a different way. Focus!

Without judge intervention

Following the decision of joint custody, the parents of the child the choice to alternate spending. As a result, the parents organize themselves among themselves in relation to their situation and their income. Indeed, one of the parents (father or mother) may pay a refundable amount to the other parent if he is in a difficult situation.

In some cases, the parent who has more custody of the child receives an amount from the other parent at the beginning of each month.

With judge intervention

In the case of a divorce followed by a judge, it is the judge himself who organizes the sharing and division of expenses. So, the parent who keeps the child the least or the one who has more income takes care of child support.

Family allowances

One of the parents who has more custody or resides in the same residence as the child takes care of the allowances. When the child is cared for by the other parent, it will be the latter who will provide the said allowance.

Daily expenses

Daily expenses include food and clothing. With regard to this alimony, both parents must both participate.

Exceptional expenses

Exceptional expenses such as outings or other must be guaranteed by only one parent (father or mother). However, an arrangement is always possible between the two parents on these charges.

In sum, each of the parents contributes to the expenses of the children, even after the divorce. According to the judge's decision, the expenses are shared.

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