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What to do in the event of domestic violence?

What to do in the event of domestic violence?

Today, more and more people are victims of domestic violence. Whatever the form of this cruel act, the victim must act before everything gets worse. To help these victims, here are some important details to know.

What are the different forms of domestic violence?

Domestic violence is not just synonymous with bodily violence. A simple quarrel between a couple is nothing compared to this type of violence. In general, domestic violence manifests itself within a romantic relationship, regardless of its duration. Whether people are married or just in a civil union, of the same sex or not, domestic violence can affect them and can manifest itself in many forms.

physical domestic violence

This form of violence is the most common in a couple relationship. It can be very serious, even fatal if no intervention takes place, because the blows are not controlled at all during the action. The person, under the influence of anger, alcohol or other things, can actually lose control and end up hurting or killing their companion. As soon as there is a raised hand, it is immediately a question of domestic violence. Indeed, the violent person may punch, kick and slap incessantly. She even manages to strangle, to crush her spouse against the wall for real estate, to bite and the worst thing is that she can even use objects or a weapon.

Sexual domestic violence

Women are most often affected by sexual violence. This form of violence has something to do with rape, which is also a crime punishable by law. This can happen in several ways: harassment, brutal gestures, rather violent slaps on all parts of the body, especially on the buttocks and also pinching of the breasts. Forcing someone to perform non-consensual sexual practices is also a form of domestic violence.

Psychological domestic violence

When the person who lives with you, to whom you share something precious, begins to be too possessive, it is because he is inflicting psychological violence on you. Indeed, unhealthy jealousy can impact a romantic relationship. Your companion wants to control everything you do, even the way you dress. He can even prevent you from talking with other people (of different sex) and wants to decide everything for you. He threatens you from time to time and even breaks things you care about.

Verbal domestic violence

Blows aren't the only weapons used to hurt someone. Words can also cause very deep wounds. Yelling at your partner is a form of domestic violence that is as unbearable as any other. If there are also threats, the verbal abuse then becomes more serious and the victim must act as quickly as possible.

What are the penalties incurred?

To protect all victims of domestic violence, there is indeed a law in force. Aggression is a crime whatever its form, because the sequelae can be quite heavy and can even lead to significant consequences on all levels (personal and professional). The victims must therefore not stand idly by and continue to endure all this violence. If it happens between husband and wife, between cohabitants or between people who have signed a contract together, the violence is considered a serious offense and the penalty incurred is increased. If the victim suffers an ITT or total incapacity for work between 0 and 8 days, the penalty is a fine of €45 with a maximum of 000 years in prison.

If the situation is more serious, the penalty becomes more important: 5 to 7 years in prison with a fine of € 75. In the event of psychological violence, the penalty is also 000 years' imprisonment with a fine of € 3. Sexual harassment within a couple is also an act punishable by law. Consequently, the partner at fault risks being imprisoned for two years and liable to pay a fine of € 45.

What is the procedure for filing a complaint?

Domestic violence is a cruel act that usually happens behind closed doors. Neighbors can testify to this, especially if it happens frequently, but it is above all up to the victim to file a complaint. She can directly contact the number of an association to benefit from all the useful support provided by SOS violence conjugale, for example. For an immediate intervention, it is always possible to call the police. If you wish file a complaint for domestic violence, you can go to a police station closest to you to expose all your marital worries. The police will then write a report of basic information on the place and the date of the crime. You should also write an accurate statement of facts, often backing it up with evidence such as documents, photos or medical reports.

What is the role of a lawyer specializing in domestic violence?

To deal with domestic violence, the victim can actually call on a lawyer specializing in domestic violence. The latter plays a very crucial role in this kind of context, especially if dialogue with the violent partner becomes impossible. It is also possible that the victim can no longer speak freely, hence the importance of the presence of a lawyer. His assistance is of great importance to get the victim out of danger as quickly as possible. Indeed, a lawyer specializing in domestic violence plays several roles:

  • Put an end to domestic violence by bringing the justice system into play
  • Have the violent partner sanctioned by the judicial voice
  • Gather the necessary evidence to indict him
  • Support the victim in criminal proceedings
  • Act quickly to obtain a protection order
  • Protecting interests in the event of separation or divorce

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