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What should you know about the areas of intervention of a business lawyer?

What should you know about the areas of intervention of a business lawyer?

To carry out any professional activity, it is essential to take legal steps. From this point of view, it is important to collaborate with a lawyer specialized in business law to avoid pitfalls. In some cases, it is even recommended to solicit their skills from the start of the business creation process. But what are the fields of competence of this legal professional?

The professional qualifications of a business lawyer

A business lawyer is a legal professional specializing in commercial and corporate law. These skills give it a key position and make it an ideal partner for companies. He intervenes in particular to advise and guide business leaders in the resolution of all legal issues.

Most of the time, it evolves under the lights of a specialized law firm. In France, it is easier to find very reliable ones, such as Folloaw Avocat Paris, which represents a pool of business lawyers in Paris.

Indeed, thanks to his skills in law and business, this expert assists the entrepreneur in his strategic choices. As such, he plays the role of advisor, representative and defender of his client's rights.

The different areas of intervention of a business lawyer

The areas of intervention of a business lawyer are very wide and varied. He touches practically every aspect of the business for its proper functioning. Here are a few:

Business law

A lawyer has all the necessary skills to deal with legal documents relating to the existence of a business. He knows what status is in agreement with the exercise of such or such activity and the steps to be taken for the creation of a company.

Criminal labor law

Le lawyer specializing in business law mastery of many themes relating to criminal law, in particular concealed work, moral or sexual harassment, discrimination, the offense of obstruction, etc. on this point, his skills are just as useful to the employer as to the employees who can call on him when their right is violated.

Labor law

Failure to respect the rights of employees can escalate disputes that can oppose them to their employer. Labor law is one of the business lawyer specialties which allows him to ensure that everyone's rights are respected so as to avoid any conflict. He therefore ensures the constitution, execution, modification and also the termination of employment contracts, in particular dismissals or negotiated departures.

Contentious law

The business law expert is skilled in representing his client before the labor dispute courts, in particular the TASS, the Labor Court, the TGI, the Criminal Court, the Courts of Appeal, etc.

Labour Law

The business lawyer also sets up a tool for organizing and improving the performance of the company's human resources.

Right to organize

The professional also facilitates Employer-Union relations through good management of professional elections.

In short, the fields of intervention of a business lawyer are very varied. As business law is a complex specialty, the skills of an expert are essential.

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