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New home repair regulations: are you really protected against abuse?

New Home Breakdown Regulations: Are You Really Protected Against Abuse?

Homework is more than 5000 complaints in 2016 (more than telecoms!) And a market of 120 companies specializing in repair and maintenance.

We were impatiently awaiting the entry into force of the decree of 24 January 2017 relating to " Advertising of the prices of breakdown, repair and maintenance services in the building and household equipment sector ».

Since April 1, 2017, it's done! But does this text really protect you?

A water leak, a slamming door… and repairs costing several hundred euros on an invoice presented in a hurry at the end of the repairs. It's hard to refuse to pay when everything has been fixed.

And that's without counting scams, abuse of weakness, aggressive or even abusive commercial practices ... when equipment is changed and overcharged at the price of new when it was enough to replace a defective part ...

Now all locksmiths, electricians, plumbers ... are obliged to post their prices on their websites and, if they do not have any, to make an estimate before any work or repair.

No more surprises: They must inform customers of the nature and exact cost of the work by presenting them two documents "the repair order" and "the estimate", which must specify in particular:

  • hourly labor rate
  • the methods of counting the estimated time
  • the prices inclusive of all-inclusive services
  • travel expenses
  • the paid or free nature of the estimate.

And just before the execution of the work, they must submit a document detailing the intervention and the cost envisaged.

That's a very good start… But that does not solve the urgency! When you are on the landing at the weekend, or after 20 p.m. with the children on your arms, and a broken key in the lock, you are already too happy to have found a locksmith, and therefore ready to sign no matter what. what a quote!

And in such cases, the law is not enough!

Transparency avoids being "caught" for work that can wait (the time to make several quotes and compare prices) and this is already a lot, since no framework existed before. But we must remain vigilant because this new regulation is insufficient protection in emergency cases.

The good reflex would be to ask relatives if they know a good craftsman, to turn to online sites of "Uberization of home work" which identify trusted craftsmen near you such as "MesDépanneurs.fr », Or to learn more on the site of the DGCCRF which lists abusive practices.

In the end, only time will regulate the questionable practices of the home work market. Hopefully, eventually, these legal provisions, combined with the development of internet platforms, will separate the wheat from the chaff.

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