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The profession of private detective within the judicial universe

The profession of private detective within the judicial universe

The judicial world is made up of many professions, each more different than the next. Indeed, in this universe aimed at rendering justice, everyone has a very specific role. Although judges and lawyers are very often known to the general public, there are also other more discreet roles such as that held by private detectives.

Advised and true detector of essential indications, it is now possible to call on one of them in order to obtain elements to put forward during a trial or legal proceedings. Indeed, the role of a private detective is to seek valuable information using discretion. He therefore has an important status for the person who hires him since obtaining evidence depends on the work he provides.

Private detectives in time

In the legal field, private investigators have another name. They are, in fact, private search agents. This profession does not date from today, since the first detectives to have appeared in France opened their very first agency in the 1830s. It was Guy Delaveau, closely followed by another detective, Eugène -Francois Vidocq.

Considered the vigilantes of the time, these two detectives allowed the profession to evolve for many years to come. However, at that time, private detectives were not yet really recognized and the rules that governed the profession were still very vague, even non-existent in their beginnings. It therefore quickly created a fantasy around this profession, and this, in all the collective imagination.

The profession of private detective was put forward and became more democratized in the following years. From now on, it is possible to follow private detective training in several cities in France, in particular at the higher school for private research agents, which allows you to become private detective Paris or elsewhere. The profession has therefore evolved, until it is recognized and has become a real branch of the judicial chain today.

Is the profession of private detective legal?

For several years now, the profession of private detective has been highlighted thanks to numerous films and series dealing with this subject. Even if the latter are not very realistic and do not really explain the daily life of a private detective, they have nevertheless made it possible to democratize the existence of the latter. However, the reality is quite different from what can be seen on the big screen. In fact, detectives do not behave in the same way as in the movies and, for good reason, the latter are subject to very strict regulations.

First of all, a licensed private investigator is under a formal obligation to respect the law. Indeed, although he can seek certain information, as well as elements which can be used as evidence, he is totally forbidden to go beyond the legal framework. The investigations of a private detective therefore take place legally on the basis of excavations and solid leads. It is impossible for him to act by overriding the regulations imposed on him, otherwise he could himself encounter legal setbacks and the evidence obtained would then not be admissible in the context of a trial.

As with respecting the laws, a person exercising the profession of certified private investigator must take into account the current labor code and, therefore, have a valid status. Nowadays, a private search agent can be independent as well as an employee of a company.

What is the profession of private detective within the legal environment?

When a private detective agrees with the rules of this profession, he can then choose to practice as a specialized research agent. There are detectives who specialize in divorces and love affairs, but they are not the only ones. In reality, it is also possible to call on a private search agent specializing in the field of insurance, industry or even in tracking down fraudsters. Private detectives are therefore more and more developed and can now take charge of many cases. However, there is no law obliging a private detective to choose a specialty, so it is necessary to approach a private research agent in order to obtain more information on the subjects treated by the latter.

When an individual goes to the office of a private detective in order to obtain help in a case, the latter must inform the professional of all the details that can enable him to carry out his activity correctly. The research objectives are then defined and the private research agent can get to work. He begins the search since his role is to unearth elements that will allow his client to win his case during a trial or legal proceeding.

The private investigator must make a declaration concerning each indication and evidence that he finds. This takes place when his mission ends. Indeed, to continue to respect the legal framework and the regulations to which the profession is subject, the private research agent must produce a report which will then be submitted to the court. It is the latter, as an official document, which will reveal the information obtained during his mission.

How is the private detective useful to justice?

There are many professionals in the French judicial field, so you may be thinking that it is not necessarily useful to call on a private research agent, especially since it may have a certain cost. If these different arguments are completely understandable, in reality, calling on a private detective can be a real advantage in the context, for example, of a trial.

Sometimes court cases are difficult to handle when one of the parties hides certain evidence. Indeed, it is possible that the latter are not necessarily unearthed at times since the lawyers do according to the documents that are brought to them. However, with the help of a private detective, rare will be the information that will remain secret. The latter being specialized in the search for evidence and, most often, anonymous, it is rare that we are suspicious of him. Therefore, the assistance of a private research agent may be essential in certain cases.

How to find a certified private investigator?

For any individual or company that would like to use a private search agent, this is now much more accessible. Indeed, this professional activity being now recognized and governed by laws, private detectives are not obliged to hide their profession. There are therefore several agencies bringing together professionals in this sector to which it is possible to go to carry out a request for an investigation.

These agencies are most often also accessible online and therefore easily found for everyone. The same is true for independent private search agents, the latter have their own firm or their sites, so it is possible to start by looking on a search engine and making a call to the chosen detective. The meeting can then take place afterwards.

How to choose the private detective that best suits your needs?

Since the activity of private research agents is increasingly democratized and known throughout the world, many people wish to exercise this profession. Consequently, private detectives are now numerous and it is not always easy to find the one that best meets the needs and expectations of the individual. However, this is essential, because it is by finding the private search agent specialized in the desired field that the results will be the most conclusive.

As explained above, the first criterion on which to rely, apart from the location of the professional, is the reason for contacting a private detective. Indeed, it is preferable to entrust a mission to a person specialized in the field rather than to someone who has never carried out research in this field. The more the private research agent is a specialist in the subject treated, the more the individual will have a chance of quickly obtaining existing evidence and information.

In a second step, in order to reassure themselves, the individual can rely on a good number of indications in order to determine the professionalism of the private search agent. Here is a list of some points to look at in detail before agreeing an agreement with a private investigator:

  • The place of training can be an important indication of the professional's knowledge
  • Official documents such as conventions and contracts that he must have following his training.
  • The various opinions he has following his previous missions, because, of course, it is strongly recommended to call on a private research agent who is not new to the field.

In order to be more reassured, it is also advisable to carry out a face-to-face interview with the professional in his office. The latter will thus be able to answer all the questions of the individual. It is also possible to request a quote from the professional in order to know the price of the private detective and, thus, to check his knowledge in the matter.

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