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Beaten men: 1 in 3 men are victims of domestic violence

Men can also be victims of domestic violence

If women are the first known victims of domestic violence, violence against men is still taboo.

In France, nearly 136 men suffered violence in 000 by their partner, against 2011 women the same year.

For the year 2012-2013, 149 men were victims and the figures continue to increase.

A man dies every fourteen days, under the blows of his wife, against every three days for women.

However, the figures are not exact insofar as only three men out of a hundred lodge a complaint while the women are more numerous (ten women out of a hundred).

The violence suffered by men is most often of a psychological nature, but sometimes also physical.

At first, the spouse denigrates the other in her role of husband or lover, humiliates him in public and seeks to isolate him socially.

Finally, regarding the profile of violent women, psychologists describe it as:

  • “A capricious woman who uses her anger to get anything she wants. "
  • “She comes either from a family where the father used violence, or from a family where the mother was very dominant, which she passed on to her daughter. The fact of being in a couple will bring out all this in adulthood, in particular at the birth of the first child: the father is then limited to his role of parent of financial contribution, it is reduced to its simplest expression. "

They describe men as:

  • “For their part, men are often in love, they put their wives on a pedestal and are in complete denial. "

These famous men have been brutalized by their wives:

  • German tennis player Boris Becker.
  • Actor Roger Moore.

How to get out of domestic violence?

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