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How to obtain an extract from your criminal record?

How to obtain an extract from your criminal record?

In France, the criminal record is a public document accessible to anyone who requests it. The criminal records list all of the individual's convictions, as well as pending cases. They are usually issued for employment or immigration purposes. The procedure for obtaining a criminal record check is relatively simple and can be done online or in person.

What does a criminal record represent?

The criminal record is an official document that contains all your past convictions. It may also include other judgments, such as trade bans. This criminal record is part of the elements necessary for the background check. The three common bulletins are #1, #2 and #3 to identify the different types of lockers with the corresponding severity levels associated with them. The criminal record application can be done in person, online or by mail.

Newsletter No. 1

This bulletin is intended for administrative agencies and prison registries only. It can also be communicated orally if you contact the prosecutor of your court of residence for this purpose. However, due to its confidential nature, this bulletin cannot be transmitted in writing to interested parties. Bulletin n.1 is a list of all convictions, except for:

  • police tickets dating back more than 3 years
  • convictions subject to amnesty or pardon
  • convictions for offenses committed by minors
  • convictions for which no sentence has been pronounced, unless the court decides otherwise
  • educational punishments or sentences older than 3 years
  • convictions over 40 years old, except where a new conviction has occurred.
  • the judgments pronounced for more than 5 years which declare the judicial liquidation
  • suspension of management or personal bankruptcy, unless the duration of these exceeds 5 years

Newsletter No. 2

Bulletin No. 2 is an official document which can only be consulted by certain groups of people. The bulletin includes the majority of misdemeanor or felony convictions that have not been removed by pardon. This is a list of all convictions, except for the following convictions:

  • police offenses
  • convictions for which a judge has granted an automatic or judicial pardon.
  • suspended convictions after a period of five years without committing a new offense
  • convictions for crimes committed against children

Newsletter No. 3

Bulletin No. 3 is the most serious and is reserved for dangerous criminals and repeat offenders. The third bulletin includes sentences of more than two years of imprisonment. The third bulletin is intended for individuals and can only be obtained by the holder or his official representative. It is frequently requested when applying for work in certain fields, such as lawyers, journalists, etc.

How do I request a criminal record check?

There are several ways to request an extract from your criminal record.

For people born in France, in the overseas departments, in Miquelon and Saint-Pierre, or elsewhere:

  • Internet: the website of the Ministry of Justice (the file is delivered within 7 days).
  • Mail: the national criminal records service (with Cerfa file N° 10071*09)
  • Fax: 02 51898918 (with Cerfa form N° 10071*09)
  • In person: with an identity document, at the criminal records department (address: 107 rue du Landreau, Nantes

For New Caledonians, French Polynesians and residents of Wallis and Futuna:

  • Mail: to the registry of the court of their place of birth (with Cerfa form N° 10071*09, accompanied by an identity document).
  • Fax: by filing the Cerfa file n°10071*09 at the registry of the court of 1st instance of the place of birth, accompanied by an identity document.
  • In person: at the court of first instance, accompanied by the original and a photocopy of the identity document.

Fees and length of criminal record

Bulletin No. 3 can be obtained free of charge. The period of validity of an extract is not provided for by the penal code. Certain acts, on the other hand, can allow the publication of a bulletin of less than three months. Therefore, the legitimacy of the document must be determined individually.

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