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When should you hire a disability law attorney?

When should you hire a disability law attorney?

Sometimes life gives us bad surprises. Following an accident in life, an assault or a medical error, some people may remain severely disabled, which has consequences on daily life and also on professional life. In many cases, the assistance of a lawyer specializing in disability law is necessary.

Acknowledge responsibility

One of the first reasons for contact a lawyer who is an expert in disability law, is to recognize a responsibility, which often requires bringing one or more legal actions. The assistance of a lawyer's ministry is therefore necessary to ensure his defense.

Have your bodily injury properly assessed

bodily injury understand two things. First, it includes physical harm, which can be difficult to establish knowing that bodily harm can be triggered long after the fact. It is therefore important to highlight what is current, but also what is foreseeable. The pain experienced may also be the subject of a claim for compensation. The estimate of bodily injury is carried out by experts mandated by the insurance companies. When this damage is underestimated, it is possible to request a second opinion.

Have your moral damage assessed

Moral damage is different from pretium doloris. Indeed, the psychological consequences of an accident, a medical error or an attack must be distinguished from the suffering caused by pain and which is physical suffering. the moral damage related to the loss of autonomy is indeed considerable and must be properly assessed and defended in court if necessary.

Have your economic damage estimated

When one becomes a someone with reduced mobility Following an accident or attack, the economic consequences can be particularly serious. Not everyone necessarily thinks of taking out a pension contract. However, the economic consequences of disability are numerous (incapacity for work, loss of income, healthcare costs, costs of adapting housing to the handicap, mortgage, transport costs, etc.). The help of a lawyer specializing in disability law makes it possible toobtain an assessment of the damage economy in order to maintain a sufficient standard of living to overcome the financial difficulties of everyday life.

Get day-to-day support

Another aspect on which it is often necessary to call on a lawyer is the assessment of the degree of disability. Indeed, this rate depends on the payment of a certain number of financial aids, the obtaining of comfort equipment, assistance from a home helper (for mobility assistance, for care, for everyday tasks) or a disability card, for example. This evaluation may not meet the patient's expectations, because, as for the estimation of bodily injury, certain criteria may be underestimated. It is therefore necessary to be defended by a specialized lawyer when you find yourself in this type of situation.

Today, more and more law firms specialize in disability law to assist victims who suddenly find themselves in this situation. Very often, these victims are in a situation of great weakness and suffering, which requires a special ability to listen on the part of professionals.

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