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With which authorized weapons can we defend ourselves in France?

Defensive weapons authorized in France

Defensive weapons are very suitable for providing security and protection when the house is attacked. Non-lethal, they come in different models: blank replicas, pistols with rubber bullets, batons, tear gas canisters, brass knuckles or electric fists.

Most defensive weapons belong to category D. Even more dangerous, the gum gun and flashballs (classified as the rubber bullet pistol) belong to category C. Supporting documents for the order must be presented.

Self-defense weapons authorized without a permit or license:

American fist

The ultimate melee defensive weapon, the brass knuckles are a piece of metal through which the wearer's fingers can pass. The brass knuckles contain all of your fingers except your thumb and is a powerful force multiplier. The effectiveness of the brass knuckles is extremely high, the brass knuckles allow you to focus the impact on a smaller contact area when hitting, thus increasing the power of the hitting and causing greater damage. The brass knuckles can also protect your hands and knuckles when punching.

It's also more difficult for your attacker to disarm you, as all the fingers are holding the fist, making any pulling very difficult. Although easy to use, the brass knuckles require some physical form and a real mastery of unarmed combat to be truly effective.

Baton and stick

Of course, the telescopic baton is one of the most widely used defensive weapons in the world, similar to the deployable staff made of 3 pieces of steel alloy construction.

The baton is a common accessory used by law enforcement, volunteer police and security personnel around the world. Although the baton deploys with simple sudden movements of the wrist or forearm, it takes a little practice to know how to properly handle the baton. In terms of defense, the size of the baton matters, a large telescopic baton allows you to gain distance and strength, these two points can be crucial if you are surrounded by aggressors. However, in a confined space, a baton that is too large will limit your movement.

Electric shocker

A shocker can deliver an electric shock of up to 10 volts (depending on the model), the electric shocker will effectively suppress all attackers. The electric shocker is an anti-aggression weapon suitable for the general public, a well-positioned discharge will effectively paralyze your attacker for a few seconds, or even a few minutes.

Alarm gun

Similar to real guns, the alarm pistol fires blank bullets. The blank bullet does not contain the projectile, but it produces the same sound effect as the real bullet. Their detonation effect is impressive and realistic, that is, in the middle of the night, a blank shot can easily scare the thief and wake up the whole neighborhood.

Defensive gun

The defensive pistol uses the power of carbon dioxide to propel projectiles. The pistol reproduces the appearance and principle of classic pistols, with the difference that they mainly fire spherical rubber projectiles. However, both the weapon and the pistol are powerful enough to knock down your attacker. The semi-automatic operation of the weapon and the pistol will allow you to fire a few shots. Like other defensive weapons, its transport is prohibited in public places.

Defense aerosol authorized

Aerosols are defensive weapons containing CS gas (tear gas) or a gel composed of a mixture of pepper and chili, in the form of small bombs, which contain 25 to 100 milliliters of the product. When the mixture hits the target, it will hold it while producing pain. The pepper and chilli blend works in seconds to minutes, letting you get away from it all or call for help.

It is the perfect ally for all those who want to defend themselves in a simple and effective way, always respecting the self-defense. Pepper gel is the most powerful type of aerosol. The advantage of pepper gel is that there will be no adverse effects in the event of a headwind. Tear gas is popular due to its area effect, which allows you to strike a group of assailants.

In short, you will find a whole bunch of authorized defensive weapons. You can even shop online.

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