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Live in Canada Avis, your immigration agency for Canada


Vivez au Canada is an agency that specializes in Francophone immigration to Canada. This agency's immigration consultants use their expertise and knowledge of the law to assist clients in all aspects of the immigration process. This introduction highlights the role of an immigration agency in the immigration process and presents Live in Canada as a reliable and experienced agency in this field.

Vivez au Canada is an agency that has specialized for several years in French-speaking immigration to Canada. The immigration consultants of this agency use their expertise and knowledge of the law to help clients in all aspects of this procedure.

What role does an immigration agency play in an immigration process?

An agency's visa and immigration consultant is responsible for helping people who are considering moving abroad. His main role is to ensure that the client avoids any legal issues that may arise in relation to his relocation by assisting him in obtaining visas and other related immigration documents..

The visa and immigration consultant is responsible for providing the client with advice and guidance on the best way to obtain the documents required to migrate abroad, as well as on the procedures for successfully completing the process. immigration.

Meeting deadlines and obligations is a priority for Live in Canada

Live in Canada Avis works to strict deadlines and communicates with authorities and the customer consistently via email or phone. Clients are treated individually and the process adapted to their needs, with the assistance of translators if necessary. Live in Canada has a solid understanding of the screening procedures as well as any related legislation in the immigration process.

Among others, here are some responsibilities of the immigration agency Live in Canada notice :

  • Communicate with clients and understand their immigration requirements
  • Assist clients in gathering and submitting required documents
  • Review of submitted documents
  • Keep up to date with any changes in immigration laws
  • Advise clients on medical examinations and any other required procedures
  • Helping clients to find a suitable residence and other services for a smoother integration (opening an account, finding a school, etc.) 
  • Submit documents to relevant authorities on behalf of clients

Why contact an immigration agency for Canada?

With thousands of applications sent in every year, it goes without saying that not all of them will be accepted. This is one of the reasons why an immigration agency in Canada is so important. Many assume that the process of obtaining a Canadian visa involves nothing more than checking a few boxes. This is quite the opposite of reality!

As a result, if you want the best chance of obtaining a Canadian visa, it is advisable to collaborate with a Canadian immigration agency. Their wealth of knowledge and years of experience can help bolster your candidacy. Not to mention that a strong application also maximizes the chances of getting the desired visa.

Immigration services for all types of profiles

The immigration and consulting agency Live in Canada is one of the main immigration in Canada. This immigration consultant immigration agency offers a range of services to:

  • Expatriates
  • students
  • Families
  • Workers
  • And other visitors wishing to settle in Canada

Highly experienced immigration professionals help hundreds of clients successfully apply for Canadian visas daily. 

What are the criteria of a reliable immigration agency?

Live in Canada is an immigration agency that offers a complete service in immigration. In addition, the agency specializes in advising and representing all foreign nationals in their application for immigration to Canada.

Whether on a permanent basis (as a permanent resident) or on a temporary basis (as a worker, student or visitor), a reliable immigration agency must be able to justify certain basic elements such as:

  • Collaboration with paid representatives authorized by the Federal government (Lawyers at the bar, Quebec Notaries or CCIC Members)
  • Transparent in support procedures
  • Have official offices
  • Respect the regulations in force and the rights of candidates

Locating an immigration agency is required

Live in Canada has offices in Toronto, Great Britain and Bulgaria and serves its corporate clients in different regions of Canada such as:

  • Ontario
  • Alberta 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Quebec
  • And many other provinces

No matter how long the application process takes, whether it's a few weeks, months or a little longer, Live in Canada will continue to provide support throughout the process. Don't just take our word for it, here are some real testimonials from candidates satisfied with their Canadian immigration on this page: Live in Canada Reviews

Live in Canada review: an experienced and reliable immigration agency 

Essentially, Live in Canada wants to make migration easier for you. Besides offering a one-stop solution to all your personal visa and immigration needs, the agency also helps businesses.

Live in Canada offers tailored solutions for individual immigrant candidates looking to settle in Canada. As well as personnel resource managers of Canadian employers intending to hire foreign nationals. More importantly, Live in Canada recognizes the challenges of immigrating to Canada. Given Canada's growing economic potential, there has been an influx of migrants into the country. Thus, each province in Canada has the power to implement its own Provincial Immigration Programs (PNPs), which could complicate an already stressful resettlement process.

In conclusion, Vivez au Canada is a French-speaking immigration agency in Canada that offers a complete and personalized service to facilitate the immigration process. Their team of immigration consultants are experienced and use their expertise to help clients navigate the various administrative and legal steps. Whether it is for a permanent or temporary visa application, Live in Canada is committed to respecting deadlines and obligations, while offering constant follow-up and transparent communication with clients. Whether expatriates, students, families or workers, this reliable immigration agency is there to support its clients in their successful immigration project to Canada.

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  1. Hello Just a quick question. How long can it take us to be in Canada?
    And two can we talk on whatsapp?

  2. Living in Canada is a scam, I will explain their modus operandi.

    1st ingredient of the scam: vulnerable individuals

    First of all, you need people who dream, people who are hopeful or disappointed by their country of origin: you.

    You aspire to change your life, you consider Canada an El Dorado, with friendly, funny people who consider you as European cousins. It's your dream, you idealize it.

    A lawyer, a crook in a suit and tie, very clever like all crooks, has spotted your vulnerability. You thus become a potential victim of Live in Canada.

    Your first contact will be sales people, warm, understanding people who will tell you what you want to hear: “Of course, it's easy! Canadians are waiting for you! Rents are affordable, schools are everywhere. Oh yes, we know it's difficult for you! Don't worry, we take care of everything, we write your CV, we defend your file. It's settled, we'll see you very soon in Toronto! They are persuasive, you believe them and sign the documents while paying. You have stars in your eyes, you pay without hesitation, delighted to benefit from such an opportunity!

    There you go, you've been scammed. Once you have paid thousands of euros (more than 6000 for our family), you are forgotten. The salespeople have received their commission, the accountants have secured your payment. Nextvictim.

    For six months, we received no news. They were unreachable. The second wave of interlocutors is made up of recent immigrants. They seem overwhelmed with work. The turnover rate in this company is staggering: in a few weeks, over a period of six months, we dealt with five different people. Sympathetic, “yes, I understand…”, but useless or unmotivated to do anything.

    Of course, I will contact a lawyer to recover my investment. But how many vulnerable people are being scammed by this company?

    Ah, I forgot: the procedure, if you are accepted, takes at least six months. Of course, they don't tell you before...

    Conclusion: if you have the professional profile Canada is looking for, you don't need anyone, especially Live in Canada.
    If you don't have the profile Canada is looking for, don't waste your money with Live in Canada. They will just take your money on the way.

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  3. Went to Canada to live with my family my children my husband and a niece who lives with me here for work there finds a new life in Canada while hoping to have a positive response from you thank you from madam bineta sow

  4. Fatima Sabria
    Local Guide · 3 reviews · 2 photos

    just now
    SCAM WARNING SCAM⚠️‼️🚨🚨⚠️⚠️⛔️
    Thieves! Scammers and liars.
    Crooks or the speech is well established .. I expect min refund requested 4 days later .. they wanted me to sign documents against a refund of 150 euros out of 702 euros paid (yes me so suspicious I fell into the trap with min husband) I had understood that the options would be chargeable and without any obligation, but on the other hand by paying the 702 euros we had to be followed and guided until obtaining our visa.. this repeated by Alexandre (more than 2 hours on the phone non stop where he accompanies you to fill everything online especially until payment!!
    Without having looked at the reviews once, it's the most incredible!!
    Take the time to look at the reviews.. I have come to warn you precisely.. everything is FALSE the reviews do not concern Live in incredible canada.. nothing to see the reviews concern something else!
    The calls from their service continue until today to try to get you back in the program despite the fact of your complaints, they are still trying with new interlocutors who try to reach me every 2 days!!
    If you want to go to Canada go through the government site but no intermediary especially and even less these THIEVES.
    I have an action in progress against them I will try everything to bring them to justice and I am alone.
    I WILL POST A NOTICE EVERY DAY until I believe my damage is repaired!
    My goal is to prevent possible future victims!!
    They are listed at the "scam signal" level, the headquarters is in Bulgaria, be careful if you want to settle a dispute???! Huge joke!
    I now understand why their confidence index is at 1% but I haven't looked at anything before!
    The opinions are not verified and if you look you will quickly see that the opinions are posted by their team.. everything is fake!! ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
    In pm I could explain how it went with us in detail!
    Don't pay!!!! Do not pay anything they are useless and the document given for 702 euros is just a big joke and they tell you that it is a lawyer who signs it for you in order to know which program you are eligible for and they stop there to 700 euros??! In 4 days they provide you with this shitty doc and you ask for a refund well before the 4 days since you have 14 days but not with them .. they retort that they have worked int??!
    After the complaints at the start no refund then 90 euros .. then 150 euros ..?! On what basis? Nothing .. they even dared to tell me that we are allowed to return to the program and we can pay in several installments .. they even try after having ripped you off without scruple!!!
    To flee and he will spend my time putting notices where I can to warn!!
    For info 🚨🚨



    And especially look and read the opinions you will laugh do not look at the note it is false

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