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Everything there is to know about the customizable patch for any user

Everything there is to know about the customizable patch for any user

Do you often hear your relatives and friends talking about customizable patches or customizable badges? So you wonder what tool it is and how do you use it on a daily basis? Know that you are asking yourself the right questions right now. The customizable patch is often confused with the personalized badge and the customizable pin, which are both perfect recognition tools. In order to better enlighten you, we reveal everything there is to know about customizable patches in this article. At the end of this guide, you will know exactly whether you need a patch or not on a daily basis.

The customizable patch, what is it exactly?

First of all, it is necessary to define what exactly is the customizable patch. It is actually a small piece of fabric, sewn metal or plastic that we tend to attach to our favorite brackets. It can be our sportswear, our uniforms, our work clothes, our ties, our sweatshirts, our caps and even our jackets. Since it is a customizable recognition tool, it is therefore possible to customize it according to our needs. In the army, we often tend to wear a customizable patch with a slogan, a name and even a brand image so that we can easily recognize the number of the regiment, the navy or the national gendarmerie. This is also the case for schools, fire departments, bands and even small book clubs. In other words, the customizable patch will allow you to be seen and recognized everywhere.

Where can you place your customizable patch?

You wonder on which communication medium you should place your customizable patch ? The answer is relatively simple! You can put your customizable patch wherever you want. Indeed, you just have to embroider it or stick it on the textile areas of your choice. The customizable patch is actually an elegant and discreet element that will add some pep to your outfit.

In the majority of cases, the customizable patch is often placed at chest level, on the collar or on a pocket. It can also be installed at the shoulders or on the sleeves depending on your needs. If you wish, you can also place them on your pencil cases, hats, caps, bags, sneakers and even your flags and pennants of all kinds. In order to enjoy a nice finish, we advise you to choose a patch model with a border that you can sew on afterwards. If you prefer metal patches, in this case, opt for a model that you can easily stick. We also advise you not to choose models with Velcro. These will not stick with an iron.

Choose your customizable patch

Are you now wondering how to successfully choose your customizable patch? In the majority of cases, the size of the patches varies between 3 cm to 5 cm, and can even reach about twenty cm. The choice of your tool will then depend on the images you want to include. The objective of this choice is to ensure that your image is well highlighted on your patch in order to easily recognize you where you are. During your choice, we also recommend that you choose the medium that will have the pleasure of hosting it. If you like discreet styles, opt for a dark background like dark brown and combine it with a pastel or neon color. The result will be simply magnificent. In addition, note that the material chosen must always withstand washing and not take off over time.

Who usually wears customizable patches and crests?

Want to know where custom patches and crests are often used? In general, it is the athletes and the police who carry these small recognition tools.

A patch for athletes

Customizable patches typically display the sporting club's name, colors, embroidered logo, and other important details in the area in question. The latter are particularly encountered in the world of football, at the level of the chest of the jersey of the players, on the side of the heart. In this case, they represent a symbol of value, pride, love and belonging to the club.

A patch for law enforcement

Apart from sports people, you can also meet the customizable patch on law enforcement. Unlike sports uniforms, those of the armed forces have a patch sewn and not glued in order to clearly recognize their unit, a particular event and their missions. Note that customizable patches are also present on the uniforms of customs officers, firefighters, soldiers, police officers, gendarmes and even prison guards. The location of these is at the level of the agent's chest, shoulders or arms.

Customize your patch: how to do it?

First of all, be aware that the customization of a patch can be done at the level of its shape. Indeed, it can come in different cuts, including round shape, square shape and even the shape of a heart. Secondly, know that the customizable patch can also be customized according to the image you want to present on it. For this purpose, you can choose images of flags, hot air balloons, foods such as donuts, popcorn, fries, ice cream cones, pineapples, or even images of pennants. It all depends on your personalization needs and preferences. Besides that, note that you also add personal elements to your patch. Among the most popular, you can opt for sequins and colors of all kinds. You should also know that the support material can be chosen according to your real needs. You have the choice between velvet, polyester, lace, felt, knit and even satin. In any case, be sure to represent your embroidery or your personal image well. And finally, don't forget to choose a customizable patch which can withstand washing and ironing. This is important to ensure a long life for your recognition tool.

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