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Take out legal protection insurance

Take out legal protection insurance

Today, in most insurance contracts, it is mentioned that you have a defense and recourse guarantee. However, this assistance is provided within a very limited framework and does not exceed the limits of your contract. However, many disputes can arise on different occasions and affect different areas of everyday life. To obtain optimal protection, more and more individuals are opting for dedicated legal protection insurance. We have decided to devote an article to this subject in order to give you more details and to help you choose your contract.

What is legal expenses insurance?

Legal protection insurance is a contract which guarantees legal assistance in the event of a dispute in your everyday life. Unlike other insurance contracts, such as civil liability, home insurance or even car insurance, the guarantees offered in a dedicated legal protection contract are more extensive. For example, the defense and recourse guarantee of home insurance will only concern certain disputes relating to your home in the event of a disaster. They will not intervene in the event of a neighborhood conflict or in the event of a dispute with a construction company. The defense and recourse guarantee for civil liability remains very limited and does not go so far as to cover possible court and lawyer costs.

Some examples of situations in which your legal protection comes into play

To illustrate the scope of high legal protection, here are some examples of situations in which it intervenes.

You've booked the weekend vacation of your dreams in the Canary Islands. Unfortunately, upon arriving there, you realize that the hotel has nothing to do with the idyllic photos you saw on the ad. The room is unsanitary, the bed is full of cockroaches and the establishment makes you pay extra for meals and cocktails even though you had booked an “all inclusive” package. To obtain reimbursement for their stay, many are quickly discouraged, and legal assistance is a powerful ally in obtaining compensation.

You have decided to entrust the creation of your bay window to a craftsman. However, the latter makes a large hole in the facade of your house and leaves the site abandoned. You find yourself with a house open to the four winds with no possibility of turning around. Legal protection insurance will find the strategy best suited to the situation.

THElegal protection insurance with immediate effect covers many other areas, of which here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • neighborhood problem
  • Error in calculating retirement points
  • Conflict with an employer
  • Assessment of bodily injury in the event of an accident or medical error
  • Family law disputes (divorce, filiation, inheritance)
  • Disputes relating to a sale of movable or real estate
  • Disputes with a landlord
  • Identity theft and e-reputation
  • Disputes with the administration

What does legal protection insurance include?

Dedicated legal protection insurance provides you with a range of solutions to your problems depending on their nature. First, to offer personalized service, policyholders can have an advisor online or on the phone. This allows you to benefit from all the information and advice in real time. Insurance companies have a large documentary database and can provide you with useful information in your procedures.

Unlike simple legal assistance found in traditional insurance contracts, legal protection goes further. In the event of a dispute, the experts support you in your efforts and help you find an amicable solution. If the dispute persists, these same experts will find the strategy best suited to your needs and will accompany you, if necessary, to the courts. Finally, legal protection makes it possible to take charge of all or part of court costs, bailiffs and attorneys’ fees.

How much does legal expenses insurance cost?

The price oflegal protection insurance varies depending on the guarantees and insurance companies. You need to count on average between 10 and 15 euros per month for good legal protection.

Who is covered by legal protection?

At a minimum, legal protection insurance covers the insured, the spouse and their children under the age of 25 attached to the parents' tax household. However, certain companies extend this protection to the ascendants of the insured and the spouse, to the person with whom one lives in a cohabitation as well as to the PACS partner.

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