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How is an appraisal carried out after a fire disaster?

How is an appraisal carried out after a fire disaster?

Between the administrative documents to be completed for your insurer and the work to be planned, it is sometimes difficult to navigate after a disaster, whether it is water damage or a fire. Expertise is important in order to be able to receive compensation, read on to understand in detail the steps of an expertise.

What is the interest of an expert report after a fire?

An expertise will allow you to assess the damage to estimate your compensation, knowing that it cannot exceed the amount of the value of the damaged property at the time of the incident according to article L121-1 of the Insurance Code. In order not to be harmed, it is important that you know the value of your goods and the amount of their repair, in the event of a dispute, you can contest the expert's report.

What to do after a disaster?

After a fire in your home, you must notify your insurance within five days. Your advisor will tell you what to send to him to open the file; most often, you will be asked for your personal contact details, your contract or customer number, the date of the incident, the origin of the fire if you know it and a first estimate of the damage. The insurance will mandate an expert who will contact you.

What to do before the expert's visit?

You will have to carry out a statement of losses before the visit of the expert. It is a document in which you will enter all the damage caused, both real estate and furniture, and the estimate of their amount; remember to attach all the documentary evidence of value that you have in your possession. This document will allow the expert to observe the damage with you without forgetting any, to check their value or the estimated amount, to indicate the percentage of obsolescence and to calculate the compensation that will be paid to you immediately and that paid deferred according to Your contract. You will find loss report models on the internet.

How is the expertise going?

Once your insurance has been contacted, the expert will arrange an appointment with you. He will first check that the declarations you have made to your insurance company comply with the contract taken out, otherwise you will incur a penalty in your compensation. Then, you will give him your statement of losses so that the expert can check the damage and make an estimate; do not hesitate to ask him for advice. Its expertise will also seek to identify the causes of the fire and whether a third party is involved.

And after?

The expert will send you his conclusions and the amount of the damage, with an agreement to be signed. This document is sent to your insurance so that they can offer you compensation. If you disagree with the expert's conclusions, you can request a second opinion by contacting a new expert, often at your expense. 

Clean up after the fire?

Depending on the extent of the disaster, you may not be able to clean on your own and will need to hire a specialist cleaning company. It is important to use the right equipment so as not to aggravate the damage. First of all, you have to decontaminate and disinfect the home before you can clean the floors, ceilings and walls. Then the odors will have to be eliminated before the house can be restored, whether by repainting the walls or replacing the floors. The techniques and products to be used will differ depending on the type of fire that has occurred.

In the event of a dispute, remember to contact the appraisal firm to find a solution. In order to opt for the best home insurance, do not hesitate to consult insurance comparators on the internet. They will allow you to identify the insurance that will best meet your needs.

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