Un bailiff is a professional who takes care ofestablish the truth and give facts via an observation. He describes everything he saw in detail during his speech.

And contrary to popular belief, the price of a bailiff's report is not given to everyone, especially when bailiffs have to submit to a price that is regulated by the law. Fortunately, this is not applicable in all cases. For this, it is necessary to find a cheap bailiff's report. How to go about it ? This is what we will see in the rest of the article.

How to find a cheap bailiff's report?

There are innumerable situations where the observation of a judicial officer is obligatory and without it you cannot continue your procedures. But calling on a bailiff can be very expensive. Therefore, we show you below how to find a cheap bailiff :

  • Internet forums where people who have called on certain bailiffs talk about prices and which bailiff offers a good price;
  • do a research on the internet and look for competent bailiffs in their work and ask for the rates. Next, it's up to you to compare ;
  • seek advice from those around you who have dealt with a particular bailiff;
  • ask the professionals for more information. They will direct you to a bailiff who offers inexpensive findings.

More how to pay less for a bailiff's report ? You should know that the evening or night reports are much higher than those for office hours. You should therefore be sure to make an appointment with your bailiff during normal working hours.

You must make an appointment with the bailiff well in advance and do not surrender at the last minute, because these appointments require a change of schedule and the invoice will be more expensive.

How much does a bailiff's report cost?

Since you are there you know that the cost of a bailiff's report can be expensive. At the top, we have explained how to find a cheap bailiff's report. Now, we will talk to you about the average price of a bailiff's report.

The remuneration of a judicial officer depends on the act he does. The costs of certain acts are fixed by the regulations. There is, therefore, no chance of finding a lower price or even higher than that fixed by law. However, the fees for other services are freely set by the bailiff.

A bailiff who analyzes the condition of the premises for example or another place, it takes between 130 and 250 euros. To know the price of other services, you must ask for the approximate price.

It is possible to obtain financial assistance from the government means-tested. Insurance sometimes offers legal protection included, check the clauses of your contract.

The value of a bailiff's report and its cases

A bailiff's report is not an optional act, it is an important step that should not be avoided. A finding brings a certain advantage to the one who invokes it, there is no better proof than a report by a bailiff. It is an authentic document, it is at the top of the pyramid of the evidence admitted in civil matters.

The bailiff's report is useful when starting a legal procedure or to attempt to resolve a dispute. It is an element which serves as proof in several situations.

The cases in which a bailiff's report is used differ, here are some examples:

  • an inventory report: it is necessary when there is a conflict between an owner and a tenant;
  • a report of water damage: when there is a misunderstanding between the claimant and his insurer or to build a solid case;
  • a report before and after the work in order to constitute proof of the inventory ;
  • a physical report to note an abandonment of post or to note a poor inventory of fixtures. The bailiff goes to the place shown to him;
  • the observation on the internet: the bailiff will describe or take captures of things he sees as threats, blackmail, negative comments ...
  • the statement of deposit: for a person who wants to protect themselves against counterfeiting.

Now you know how to find a cheap judicial notice.

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  1. Hello Master
    I had a dispute with my Tenant in a local after three years of proceedings I ended up for the gold meter I have a loss of rent 24928€51 I did not recover a penny
    without counting Bailiff and Lawyer fees minutes of unavailability of the registration certificate of a truck brand unic Immatriculais FR-164-XQ
    and a HONDA GRIS registered EQ 628 SG their gray cards a summer pledged to the sub-prefecture even not the vehicles I can recover I am disappointed with Justice

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