In everyday life, we can refer to a judicial officer so that he draws up a report which will serve as proof. Therefore, the bailiff will make an inventory to see the existing reality on the ground and he will transcribe this reality on a report often with the presence of a few photos.

The prices of the findings before the work prepared by the bailiff justice are variable according to several parameters and conditions.

The bailiff's report before the work

When work on a site, for example, is carried out, it is possible that damage and damage is caused to the neighborhood as well as the infrastructures located nearby. However, do not blame your work for damage for which we assume no responsibility.

In this act, the bailiff will describe with precision the state of all the infrastructures located around or next to the area where the works will take place before they start. Accordingly, it is a forensic photograph intended for safeguarding and also to indisputably prove the condition of anything nearby, for example facets of buildings or the like.

The bailiff will go there and he will prepare a detailed description of everything near the work area. Therefore, the bailiff will provide his expertise with photos or even videos in order to better illustrate the situation and to allow a judge in the event of a dispute to fully understand the facts.

The price of a report before the work prepared by a bailiff

It is very important to know the prices of the reports bailiff even before starting the work.

First, you should know that the price of this type of contract is not fixed, that is to say that each judicial officer freely sets the price of his report.

There are several parameters that define the price of the reports.

  • The first parameter is the working time necessary for the bailiff to draw up this contract. So it depends on the size of the site.
  • The second criterion is the urgency of the finding. As a result, a report which is requested for the following hours will cost more than a report where an appointment is made in advance with the judicial officer. Indeed, in this case, the bailiff must pause all his work in order to focus on what is urgent.
  • The third criterion is the date and time of the appointment. So, if, for example, we fix an appointment on a public holiday, it will be more expensive than a normal day.

The average price of the findings before works is generally between 250 and 320 euros.

Why make a bailiff's report before the work?

When you start work, there are always risks and damage that can influence the progress of the work. For example, if you want to do work in an apartment, this can generate cracks due to vibrations and modifications of the structure. This is valid if you are carrying out renovation work close to a facade or a wall belonging to third parties. It can quickly cause accidental damage. On the other hand, do not worry about damage and defects that are already present on the site before the start of your work. As a result, without a report before work, you may be held liable for damage for which you assume no responsibility. Thus, you are obliged to compensate for damage for which you are not responsible.

Indeed, the observation before the work is a protection, because it makes it possible to detect all the defects which are in the vicinity before the start of the work. So, this type of observation will automatically destroy all attempts to question your responsibility. In the event of litigation, the judge will directly consult the report before work.

To conclude, a report before work prepared by a judicial officer will be retained in priority before all the other documents, even the reports of the experts.

In the event that damage is present before the work, it will be mentioned on the report. Consequently, the accused will have no responsibility for the construction work. Moreover, this is the reason why construction companies work directly and on a very recurring basis with County court bailiff.

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