The bailiff's report is an act written in black on white, it contains all the elements of an event or a place that may disappear over time for prove their existence in the event of conflict or litigation. To do this, the judicial officer responds to any person, without exception, who requests him for services, in particular for findings.

Nowadays, neighborhood conflicts are frequent, and judicial officers are often called upon for noise pollution.

What is the interest of the bailiff's report?

The bailiff's report several advantages for the applicant and can also be used in the event of a conflict investigation. This, because the bailiff's report can:

  • prove the existence of an element which has disappeared in the event of a conflict or litigation;
  • save money and time, because the finding of justice is indisputable proof of the belonging of a thing to a given person;
  • to be proof of the unfolding of the facts without having recourse to justice, because the legal procedure is more expensive and longer;
  • saving time for justice in the event of a dispute, because the bailiff's report is proof that weighs heavily.

What is noise pollution?

The noise nuisance is any type of noise that exceeds a certain intensity threshold and lasting and disturbing at home.

In the case of noise pollution, we can claim from the generators of these noises by asking them to reduce the sound. If it does not stop, we have the right to initiate a process so that these overruns are noted by a judicial officer. The latter will be responsible for presenting a report to the departments concerned, or even making a claim for damages.

The different types of noise pollution that exist

Noises that cause noise nuisance can be noises made by humans, such as a neighbor's screaming and frequent knocking on the door, and animal noises from neighbors, such as a barking dog or even noise from the door. 'objects like the works and sound of musical instruments.

Noise pollution can also be due to permanent or temporary professional activities, such as construction work or bars near homes.

Types of bailiff's reports

The bailiff's report can be made as a preventive measure for construction work or for a preliminary design. It can also be done in the event of a dispute by making an inventory during the work or events. These reports can even be on the internet for sites for example or on messages, plus family or marital reports.

Pricing of a bailiff's report

The prices of the various bailiff's reports are freely set by each bailiff and are not fixed by a state device. Therefore, each bailiff chooses his pricing according to very precise parameters specific to him, taking into account the price range of the other bailiffs.

The price of the findings changes depending on the variables, namely the type of statement requested, because each statement is unique and requires a number of procedures. Also, depending on the location of the finding and the state of emergency of this finding as well as the date of intervention and the duration of data processing.

The price also depends on the price estimate made in advance, because the bailiff must inform the applicant of the approximate price of his report before the intervention. And finally, the price of a bailiff's report must be correct and reasonable.

Rates of bailiff's reports for noise pollution

The person who engages the judicial officer for a given report undertakes to pay it, et the latter must communicate to him the price of his report before getting down to business.

The minimum price for making a report for noise pollution is, in general, higher than 200-249 €, but can be even more expensive depending on the complexity of the report to be made, the place and the duration it can take.

In some cases, home insurance provides legal protection and in this case, she will be responsible for paying the costs of the bailiff's report and, therefore, the applicant for the report does not pay any money.

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  1. Hello babysitter on the ground floor, a tenant goes up and down every night between his studio and the 2nd floor where he is also a tenant. At 3am his door wakes me up. The doctor prescribed me sleeping pills, I'm not well with them and I don't find it normal. Its owners like it bothers me that they haven't done anything. As for him, I spoke to his wife about it, he sees very well that I am behind the window of the dressing room when he passes. He is an alcoholic and depressed here is the answer. When I took up my post, her daughter had a party one Thursday without warning. I asked her around 1am, given her odious attitude and known to everyone, to make less noise. Ilny also I think a part of revenge. I am on sick leave, a worrying blood test, I am doing exams because I had phlebitis due to stress, but that is not it. I have a written report that it is stress at work. I am 57 years old and I cannot find another place to stay. I am thinking of sending him a letter but in my opinion he will do the same, see the risk of taking it badly. The other tenants on the ground floor their room is far away and his owners as long as it only bothers me because they asked me have no intention of reacting. My trustee is aware but he hasn't offered anything except to tell me, oh well, if he does Java at night, no wonder he sleeps until 11 a.m. I can't take it anymore and I don't find it normal to take medicine in the morning I'm asleep. what can i do please.thank you

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