Conflicts between neighbors or with other people can happen to anyone, but in more serious cases, we must appeal to justice. Only, we cannot appeal to justice for anything and everything and, above all, we have to provide proof. This is where a bailiff's report can be particularly useful, because it is a document which has much more weight in settling disputes and which is taken very seriously by the courts. We will see for what reasons to make a report with a bailiff and, above all, in which cases can we do it.

What is a bailiff's report?

A bailiff's report is an authentic instrument which allows give tangible proof which is at the origin of a dispute. The cause of this dispute can only be of a material nature, therefore it cannot be influenced by certain interpretations or different opinions. The advantage with bailiff's reports is that it is one of the best ways to provide concrete proof of what we are putting forward. As the judicial officers are officers who practice within the framework of very strict ethical and legal rules, they present guarantees of probity, impartiality and independence. in addition to being bound by professional secrecy. Reports issued by bailiffs can be used in both personal and professional situations.

What are the different types of bailiff's reports?

All bailiff's reports are not the same, there are several categories that try to adapt to technological progress and the diversification of litigation. Among the various findings of bailiffs that exist, we have:

  • when a third party asks a bailiff to report the poor condition of an apartment or the abandonment of a position by an employee, we are talking about a physical report;
  • if the mission of the bailiff is to take screenshots, describe certain comments or other incriminating evidence on the internet, this is an observation on the internet. This type of report is generally very regulated and, therefore, the bailiff is in the obligation to describe the course of operations as well as the material used;
  • to prove threats, harassment or others, the bailiffs can transcribe and note the presence of voice or written messages, this is called a report of voice messages or a report of SMS;
  • the bailiff can also see videos and report on the content of these videos in the event of noise or other nuisance caused by neighbors. We call it a video report.

Why use a bailiff's report?

Make a report by a bailiff the a way to settle certain disputes without having to go to court. The findings also make it possible to lighten the work of judges and have more freedom to settle a dispute. It is also a regulated way for plaintiffs and defendants to provide evidence for their claims. Bailiff's reports can be used in the following cases:

  • cases of unfair competition, illegal sale or counterfeiting or any other commercial problem;
  • real estate disputes such as denouncing an illegal sublet by one of the owners;
  • all forms of harassment or invasions of privacy, intimidation or offensive language through screens;
  • noise pollution in broad daylight or at night, neighborhood disturbances or conflicts, obstructions to one of the rights of way as well as yoke problems;
  • conflicts which have a link with work for the demolition of a load-bearing wall, to make a report of renovation and to establish a faulty workmanship;
  • disputes that are caused by water damage such as infiltration, leaks or moisture problems.

How is a bailiff's report made?

Whatever the reason given to make the report, the bailiff will have to travel to make his report on a particular place. It can be a public place as well as a private place. Regarding private places, it is preferable that the bailiff come with an authorization from a court because anyone can refuse the visit of a bailiff who has no proof. He will then have to make a report and give it to the applicant.

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