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Driving regulations and developments in the years to come

Driving regulations and developments in the years to come

As you know, many laws are regularly studied and adopted to guarantee the safety of users on the road, but also to reduce our carbon footprint. Driving implies being responsible both in our actions and in the type of vehicle we own. Indeed, some pollute and this poses a real problem when we know the current environmental issues. Discover in this article the regulations and developments in driving in the years to come.

Highway Safety Act: speeding

With the aim of enforcing traffic laws and guaranteeing everyone's safety, the European Parliament has studied the issue of speeding. In order to make them almost impossible, it has been agreed that cars that will be sold from 2024 will have to be equipped with an ISA system. In other words, intelligent adaptation to speed.

This can automatically reduce the speed of the car and help the driver to better respect speed limits with alerts. This intelligent system is able to read the signs and interpret them.

This is a measure that responds to a most worrying observation: the leading cause of death on the road is speed.

Climate neutrality, the spearhead of the coming years

To respond to today's ecological challenges, the European Parliament has consulted and agreed that it is important to achieve road mobility with zero CO2 emissions by 2035. In order to pursue this objective, the thermal vehicles are banned from sale in 2035.

In addition to this measure, there are other obligations such as the obligation to produce only zero-emission vehicles.

The case of illnesses incompatible with driving

As you most certainly know, not everyone can drive a car. Indeed, some pathologies make driving too risky. As a result, the persons concerned must give up their driving license. At least, that was the case until recently. Now things have changed.

Thanks to the decree of March 28, 2022, obtaining a driving license will be made easier for these people. Of course, this only concerns disorders that do not constitute major risks. The stages of the disease will in particular be taken into account, for Alzheimer's for example. People with diabetes, on the other hand, will have relief.

All this is made possible thanks to scientific and technological advances.

It is important to find out about the new regulations concerning the automotive sector as these are constantly changing jurisdictions. What must be remembered here, particularly in terms of responsible driving, is that the tone will be set to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible. Vehicles with a high carbon footprint will then be increasingly sidelined in favor of cars designed to meet current ecological challenges. 

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