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What is the penalty for theft of a scooter?

What is the penalty for theft of a scooter?

Faced with a scooter theft, it is not always easy to know how to react

One can also ask what are the penalties incurred by the offender in criminal law in particular and at the level of the civil code. To know exactly what response to adopt and the best way to react, discover these few tips that will allow you to best protect yourself against this situation.

You will know everything about fines and aggravating circumstances for scooter theft. 

What are the risks of theft on a scooter? 

If you use your scooter regularly, including commuting to work on a daily basis, you know it has an important place in your life. Only, all is not rosy and the risks of having it stolen from you are very real. In particular, you can have it stolen by mistake, because you will not be able to constantly monitor your vehicle.

The thieves are increasingly strong and ingenious to achieve their ends and use consistent means. Even during the day, the risks are very real and numerous, but here's how to avoid them. When leaving for work, remember to properly attach your scooter, especially if it is one of the models of most stolen scooter in France.

How to protect yourself from the theft of your scooter? 

To prevent your scooter from being stolen. You will first need to opt for reliable insurance that will be able to help you in this kind of situation. The best insurance policies are those that offer good value for money and offer you extensive coverage. Never forget to place a lock if possible U-shaped or a chain and strong enough, so that it cannot be broken in two minutes.

If you forget it inadvertently, for lack of time or simply because you think you'll be back soon, know that your scooter won't last long against often experienced thieves and strategists. Be aware that the neiman handlebar lock alone will not be enough to prevent the theft of your scooter, it can be unlocked with just the strength of your arms. Try as much as possible to choose an approved lock for more security.

Finally, avoid parking in uncrowded areas, a place with a lot of traffic will be more dissuasive. Here are some preventive measures that the law allows you to apply completely legally so as not to have to worry about a possible theft of your faithful steed. The best response to adopt is therefore a series of preventive measures such as choosing good insurance. 

What should I do if my scooter is stolen? 

In case of theft, the first thing to do is to look under what circumstances it took place. There are indeed aggravating circumstances that may be taken into consideration when filing a complaint. You can therefore initially provide an appropriate response by observing the circumstances. Then, contact your insurance without delay so that it covers you and can intervene as soon as possible.

The law allows you to file a complaint for scooter theft, therefore, do not hesitate to do it as soon as possible. The faster and more precisely you act, the faster the perpetrator can be found. Trust your insurance, it will help you get out of this bad patch easily, even if it happened at your job. You must then withdraw and keep your declaration at the police station. Depending on the circumstances, surrounding yourself with a lawyer will be wise. There is no ready-made answer, but these few tips will help you react well. 

What are the penalties incurred and the legislation in force at the level of the penal code, for the theft of a scooter? 

Generally, the law, if we refer to the penal code, admits that theft is punishable by 3 years' imprisonment and a fine of 45 euros. Aggravating circumstances are sometimes added and increase the criminal penalty. This is particularly the case if the offense was carried out by several people at the same time, if a break-in was committed, for example if the thief entered your home or forced a lock to achieve his ends.

The same applies if he has concealed all or part of his face, if he has shown violence, or if he acts against a particularly vulnerable person because of his age or state of health. In these cases, the criminal law condemns the offender to a heavier punishment which can range from 5 years to life imprisonment depending on the case. The fine, too, is reassessed and can reach 150 euros.

How to choose the right insurance for your motorcycle?

The motorcycle is a vehicle that increasingly attracts enthusiasts. However, as with all other vehicles in France, there are obligations before you can hit the road on your two-wheeler. It is absolutely necessary to take out insurance. And it is better to find an insurer who fully understands the needs of motorcyclists, to obtain the best possible guarantees for their two-wheelers. Motorcycles are very beautiful machines, which unfortunately attract covetousness. So you have to find a good motorcycle insurance in case of theft. But also for all other reasons.

Good motorcycle insurance is insurance that will meet your needs. So don't hesitate to put the price into it. If you are checked without insurance, you expose yourself to a heavy fine by the police. Likewise, if you have an accident and injure someone in it, you will be responsible for all medical expenses for that person. Who can quickly encrypt. You will also be responsible for any legal costs that may arise if the person files a complaint against you.

What are the insurance formulas for a motorcycle?

The fact of riding a motorcycle does not change the traditional insurance formulas to which you can subscribe. However, this will change in terms of guarantees and options that you can choose in addition. You can turn to third-party insurance if you don't want to pay a lot. Please note, this formula mainly serves as Civil Liability, and you will only have very few repairs covered in the event of a breakdown or accident. If you want more guarantees at this level, you should rather turn to intermediary insurance.

If you have just bought a new or very recent motorcycle, we can strongly advise you to turn to all-risk insurance. It will allow you to be perfectly protected for multiple causes, and above all, most repairs will be covered on your motorcycle. You can also subscribe to additional options against theft or attempted theft. Indeed, an attempted theft can sometimes damage your two-wheeler. If you wish, you can also find additional options against bad weather or against natural disasters.

With this information, you will no longer have to worry and go to work with peace of mind.

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