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The most stolen motorcycles in France

The most stolen motorcycles in France

There is a list of motorcycles that are the most stolen in France. Are you affected?

The new year is fast approaching and maybe as a good resolution for 2022 you want to embrace more freedom and get carried away on a motorcycle? However, before embarking on the adventure headlong, find out about motorcycle theft and discover the news from the world of cars, scooters and all our other friends on wheels!

What is mouse jacking?

Thieves are becoming more and more precise and frequent thanks to technology. Mouse jacking is a method of theft of vehicles without breaking and entering through the use of technological devices, and which is becoming very topical. This technique, which is limited to motorcycles equipped with an on-board computer, is one of the most widely used today. Thieves are able to modify the computer systems of the most powerful cars thanks to this hack. 

Ranking of the most stolen motorcycles in France:

  1. Yamaha T-Max 530
  2. Honda 125 pcs
  3. Triumph 675 Street Triple
  4. Suzuki 650 burgman
  5. Kawasaki Z800e
  6. Piaggio MP3 LT 300
  7. BMW R 1200 GS
  8. Triumph 1050 Speed ​​Triple
  9. Piaggio 125 Vespa
  10. Piaggio MP3 LT 500 business

What is the best-selling motorcycle in France?

Yamaha the star of every show. It is the brand representing the most stolen motorcycle in France, but it is also the representative of the best-selling model! Yamaha's XMAX 125 scooter now leads the two-wheeler market with more than 5000 units sold. It represents unparalleled value for money, with a very affordable cost of 5000 €, combined with performance and parts to give the chills! We also appreciate the fact that it is energy efficient, not to mention the fact that it is available in two colors.

What to do if a motorcycle has been stolen?

Unfortunately, theft does not only happen to other bikers, but do not leave room for anxiety. If your scooter has been stolen, the owner must inform the registration service of the prefecture and will quickly oppose it. This formality prevents the transfer of the registration certificate. To avoid such an accident, plan to purchase an anti-theft device, which is a good guarantee of protection.

How do you know if a motorcycle has been stolen?

By knowingly purchasing a stolen scooter, the customer is exposed to the same penalties as the criminal. I imagine you don't want to fall into this case! So how do you know if a motorcycle has been stolen?

First of all, a price that is too low for the value of the vehicle is a first sign that should alert you! Then, you must ask the seller for a copy of the registration certificate in order to verify that the vehicle's registration document is not in opposition. Finally, avoid meeting the seller in a public place. On the contrary, politely offer to meet him at his home in order to verify whether the address given is the same as the one on the registration certificate.

How to proceed if you do not have a vehicle registration document following a theft?

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to determine if a motorcycle has been stolen without a registration document. You can always go to specialized websites where people report stolen motorcycles. If the motorcycle is over 25 years old, you can apply for a collector motorcycle registration card even if you do not have the original registration certificate, as the insurer may possibly request the scooter registration certificate for cover it.

Is motorcycle theft covered by insurance or mutual insurance?

Warning ! It is not obvious that your insurance covers motorcycle theft, as not all formulas include the same elements or benefits. It is therefore advisable to contact your insurance as soon as possible to find out more. Instead, follow our advice and opt for the Mutuelle des motards exists to save you from trouble! Different formulas are offered according to your status, your vehicle, your needs and your desires, in order to satisfy all tastes! Take a look at their list. If you are unsure, it is always possible to give it a try or ask their team for advice.

In any case, we repeat: the purchase of locks is strongly recommended.

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