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Studio rental in Paris: the complete guide

Studio rental in Paris

Everyone knows that finding an apartment can be scary, and especially when it comes to finding a studio in Paris. Rents are expensive and not all neighborhoods are necessarily recommendable ...

To help you see more clearly, we offer you a short guide to help you find the perfect rental in the French capital.

The average price of a studio rental in Paris

The city of Paris has 2,4 million inhabitants. Capital of France, it is a city which is known for having a dynamic and quite expensive real estate market.

In an article published on October 12, 2017, the newspaper Les Echos reports that a 30 m2 apartment costs around € 1040 per month, or € 34 per square meter.

Paris is the most expensive (large) city in France in terms of real estate.

The best sites to rent a cheap studio in Paris

  • Pap.fr
  • seloger.com
  • LogicImmo.com
  • Logdis.com

Rent a studio in Paris: all you need to know

Take your time

Don't put yourself in a position where you are panicked or pressured into making a rushed decision. Finding an apartment in Paris is not a quick process, so make sure you are prepared for it and arrange temporary accommodation for the first month or even the first 2.

Getting to know Paris

Decide which sector you want to focus your research on. Can you imagine living in the majestic Latin Quarter, sipping a coffee and discussing existentialism with the students of the great Parisian universities?

Perhaps you want to be in the heart of one of the most vibrant nightlife, which is mainly concentrated around the Bastille and the 11th arrondissement?

Each district of Paris has its advantages… and its disadvantages.

Mix and mix

Think of your research time as an opportunity to meet as many people as possible: a "social experience", if you will. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to find "someone who knows someone" who can help you with your search. Do not hesitate to ask.

Know your subject

Anyone who claims to fully understand France's notoriously convoluted laws and legislation is more than likely something of a manufacturer. It is important at this point that you understand the basics.

Most owners and all French agencies will ask you to provide a "dossier", which should include a copy of your passport and / or visa, copies of your employment contract or confirmation of university internship, your payslips. the most recent and proof of your French bank account.

Be realistic

This is Paris and you have to be prepared to compromise. This is why it is all the more important to establish your priorities early in the process.

For example, if a central location is the most important criteria for you, then you will have to accept having less space. You may also need to consider a roommate, but there's no reason that shouldn't be a positive thing. Make sure you are realistic about the types of people you might live with and have similar expectations, but accept them otherwise. Living in a small dilapidated apartment, cooking from a hotplate with three other people is part of Parisian charm… right?

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