Criminal Records

Criminal Records

The automated national criminal record is managed by an independent processing service located in Nantes and placed under the authority of ...
The advisability of prosecution


The public prosecutor decides on the advisability of setting in motion the public action. This means that it belongs to the prosecutor ...
Criminal mediation

Criminal mediation

Criminal mediation is an alternative to prosecution. This measure seems appropriate in the face of an identified victim who has come to deposit ...
The prescription of public action

The prescription of public action

The prescription of public action makes it possible to extinguish and therefore put an end to all legal proceedings, even those which ...
Self defense

Self defense

The law does not recognize the law of retaliation. A victim who defends himself will be liable to criminal prosecution if ...
The extinction of public action

The extinction of public action

The cases specifying the modalities of the termination of the public action are envisaged in article 6 of the code of penal procedure….
Sentencing proposals from a CRPC

The sentences proposed in CRPC

Within the framework of a CRPC, the public prosecutor may propose one of the following penalties provided for by law….
Alternatives to prosecution

Alternatives to prosecution

The peculiarity of an alternative to prosecution is that it is not a criminal prosecution. The offender does not walk past ...
Identity checks

Identity checks

Identity control consists of questioning a person so that they can justify their identity "by all means". They are carried out ...
The immediate appearance

The immediate appearance

Sometimes unknown to the general public, the immediate appearance, also called CI in the jargon, is nevertheless an important tool of the…

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  1. Hello,
    In the context of criminal proceedings for Fraud, my Lawyer advises me not to reimburse the victims, because that would mean an admission of guilt, I took advice from a legal adviser, who advises me the opposite, namely it is better to reimburse the victims, even in the absence of my wishes and evidence, the Court will be able to take this into account, and you, what do you think? Thank you, Gilles M.

  2. Hello
    I realize that 2 guns from my deceased husband have been stolen from me.
    I knew from a reliable source that it was my daughter-in-law who had taken the guns to sell them.
    I was hospitalized for 8 months, she had my keys
    She searched everything and even took jewelry
    What should I do ,
    Please advise me
    I thank you in advance
    Madame anne marie series

  3. hello, when I was hospitalized because of a fall, I stayed away from my home from December 2007 to July 2008
    objects were stolen from my home, my husband had died and my children and daughters-in-law had the keys
    I noticed that a lot of things were missing, even my son, who has since died, noticed that they were missing 2 hunting rifles belonging to my husband, his father, we looked a lot
    off I just learned that it was my stepdaughter, who took the two shotguns, and a lot of valuables
    she stole not only from me but also from her husband who has since passed away,
    how to make a sworn statement to report this theft, I have one son left, but I'm waiting for your advice before talking to him about it
    it was my granddaughter who told me she knew the truth but didn't dare tell me about it, can you help me
    this beautiful girl, I kicked her out, the day my son died, how can one steal and her husband and her mother-in-law
    Is there a solution for the family to know when I die (attestation of honor) thank you for helping me find a solution to this dispute

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