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The role of the lawyer specializing in town planning law

Town planning law

The town planning lawyer is nothing other than a lawyer specializing in town planning law. As a result, its role mainly consists in securing the town and country planning and development projects of its clients.

This requires the latter a good capacity for analysis, synthesis and organization. This is why knowledge of town planning and development law is essential for anyone wishing to act as an urban planning lawyer.

This training offers him a wide field of intervention. Indeed, the lawyer in town planning intervenes mainly to defend the rights and the interests of his clients in a case of litigation in matters of town planning law. As a result, he represents them before courts and tribunals and defends in the best of their interests.

He also ensures the constitution of the planning files and documents necessary for his clients, assists and advises them during the various procedures, negotiations and decision-making. In all circumstances, it informs them about their rights and obligations.

Finally, the town planning lawyer assists and helps his clients in the resolution of disputes and town planning conflicts between them and other people.

To do this, the town planning lawyer must ensure that he is in touch with the latest legislation relating to town planning and development law.

These multifaceted missions which can be invested by the lawyer in town planning testify in reality to the diversity of the fields in which the latter can intervene.

Thus, he can ensure that construction and town planning operations are well supervised and therefore secure. To do this, he will study the planning tools and documents provided by the public authorities and will advise his client in the best of his interests whether he is a natural or legal person, public or private.

The lawyer specializing in town planning law can also serve as advice on town planning documents. Indeed, appealing to the latter may prove necessary to ensure proper completion of the town planning documents necessary for his activity such as the building permit or the town planning certificate. In fact, its assistance can make it easier to obtain a PLU, POS or SCOT.

He can also intervene to advise his clients in the context of development projects, for example on the choice of the subdivision procedure or ZAC concerning the projects of setting up a development operation or during the steps to create these ZACs. . In addition, the lawyer specializing in town planning law will assist you in the realization of land management tools, DUP file audit, drafting of planning documents or deliberations as well as in the process of requesting authorization of subdivision.

Regarding authorizations relating to land use, his advice will be of great use to you. Indeed, this one will accompany you to obtain your planning certificate as well as the authorizations of occupation of ground. He is also competent to audit your building permit file and, depending on, can help you prevent possible neighborhood disturbances. Finally, he will assist you in the procedure for withdrawing an urban planning authorization.

In addition, in the event of litigation arising in connection with the realization of your town planning, development or construction project, your lawyer will be your best to carry out the litigation whether they relate to authorizations or regulations. planning before an administrative, criminal or judicial judge.

Even in the event of judicial decisions against you, your lawyer can put together a case and appeal as the case may be or ask the judge to verify the legality of an administrative act such as a deliberation approving a PLU or a building permit order or any simply cancel an urban planning certificate or a building, subdivision or demolition permit. To do this, he constitutes the means of annulment that he considers admissible before the judge.

This assistance by a lawyer in an urban planning dispute is even more necessary when the dispute in question is brought to criminal proceedings.

So think about getting assistance from this professional if you want to ensure better protection of your interests in the context of your town planning or development projects.

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