Law sheets to understand justice, its actors, its organization. The fundamentals of criminal, civil and administrative law.

Chronicle of an announced end of local jurisdictions

Proximity judges

Local jurisdictions were created by an organic law of February 26, 2003 and attached them to…
Lay judges

Lay judges

Not all judges have passed a competitive examination and have not been trained at the magistrate's school. Called judges ...
The advisability of prosecution


The public prosecutor decides on the advisability of setting in motion the public action. This means that it belongs to the prosecutor ...
The guardianship judge

The guardianship judge

The guardianship judge is a judge of the district court. This specialized function was created by the law of…
The Execution Judge (JEX)

The execution judge (JEX)

He is the appointed judge for seizures and precautionary measures. Whenever a bailiff enters your account ...
The Family Judge - JAF

The family court judge (JAF)

Called the Matrimonial Affairs Judge until January 8, 1993, the Family Affairs Judge (JAF) has been centralizing everything since 2009 ...
Rules of ethics for magistrates

Code of ethics for magistrates

IndependenceImpartialityIntegrityCare of othersDiscretion and reserveLegality Independence Provided for in article 64 of the constitution, the independence of judges is the guarantee of a…
The lawyers

The lawyers

There are so many young people who dream of defending lost causes, because it is exciting and ambitious. In this register, this article takes you through the professional world of lawyers, so that you can better understand their role in society. The lawyer and timeWhat are his missions in…
All about legal aid in France

Legal aid in France

Many cases remain hidden in the shadows without being judged for lack of resources of the plaintiff. The state then established...

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