The development of an employment contract is today an imperative of the professional world to which a lawyer responds effectively. His perfect mastery of the mechanisms of social law, his drafting skills and his responsiveness will be all assets in the processing of your request.

At the basis of any contractual relationship

Nowadays, it has become common to sign an employment contract from our first job. Such a document is intended to reflect commitment taken by each of the parties. In this way, the latter are able to agree on a certain number of essential points: the employee's mission, the conditions under which they will be carried out, the remuneration granted, etc.

A lawyer is able to answer all your questions on this subject, whether you are an employer or an employee.

Lawyer for the drafting of an employment contract

Lawyer's duties


Employee, you don't know if the contract that was submitted to you meets your expectations? Employer, would you like to be guided in the choice of clauses (non-competition clause, mobility clause, etc.)? Whatever the situation you are faced with, your lawyer relies on his experience in order to give their best advice.


In principle, any employment contract must be in writing and signed by the parties concerned. However, if this makes it possible to secure the act, it is difficult for an ordinary individual to carry out the drafting of this document.

In order to avoid errors and inaccuracies in this context, it is preferable to seek the assistance of a competent professional who will then put all his know-how at your service. The same applies when you have to modify the initial agreement by means of an amendment.

What if the contract is breached?

As everyone knows, it is not uncommon to witness the breach of a contract. termination, conventional breach, judicial termination or even transaction: the possibilities are however multiple. Then trust your lawyer to watch over your interests with determination, whatever the proceedings.

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