While legislation attempts to regulate the professional relations between employers and employees as well as possible, it cannot cover all eventualities.

The work contract

Writing and Editing

Because everything employment contract today sports a written form, a lawyer, assists companies in drafting and possibly modifying such documents.


terminationconventional rupture or legal termination: there are many ways to terminate the employment contract. Difficult, in these circumstances, to opt for the most appropriate procedure, all the more so when it gives rise to a dispute.

Complications relating to the execution of the contract

In some cases, the employee/employer working relationship goes badly. Aware of the issues that may arise, your lawyer will therefore not hesitate to intervene on your behalf in this particular context.

Disciplinary procedures

When a worker commits a fault, it can be applied a disciplinary sanction can go from simple avertissement to layoff, or even to licensement.

But how to accurately assess this misstep? Besides, can we really call it a fault? It is precisely to these types of questions that your lawyer answers, during a first interview in the firm.


Whether justified or not, theprolonged absence of an employee at his workstation can harm the organization of the company that employs him. In this context, your lawyer tries to consider all the possibilities available to you, while ensuring that protect your best interests with regard to your position.


At the origin of a serious moral suffering, the workplace harassment should not be taken lightly, although it is not a precisely delimited notion. Indeed, how to define it correctly, when it can wear as many faces as there are stalkers?

However, you can count on the pugnacity and  soutien of your lawyer, to bring your case to its best possible conclusion.

Industrial tribunal litigation

It would be tedious to list all the subjects discussed before the Consulting tribunals. But whatever the nature of the problem that prompts you to consult your lawyer, rest assured that the latter is able to process your request efficiently and professionally.

The industrial tribunal

The industrial tribunal

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