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The development of the attic as a real estate investment

The development of the attic as a real estate investment

Finding the apartment of our dreams can be a long and sometimes illusory search. The place is perfect, the area matches, but the arrangement of the area does not make us vibrate. It is absolutely common practice not to find real estate that corresponds in every way to your wishes.

How to fit out an attic to justify a real estate investment?

Good news, it is still possible to find attic space to renovate, provided of course that you have the necessary budget for the renovation work. It will take an average of 1600 € / m² for the purchase of attic in a central district and around 2000 € / m² in work costs, depending of course on the type of apartment desired as well as the condition of the soil and frames. Without counting the possible expenses of architect.

This alternative is undoubtedly ideal for people who are creative or have the necessary means to also hire an interior designer who will know how to materialize your ideas and needs and give you an overview of the final result with 3D software.

In addition, well-chosen attics offer the prospect of an apartment with a terrace and a magnificent view of the city.

Our advice before embarking on the purchase of attics:

  • Ask the condominium why it wants to sell the attic of the building. Perhaps this involves other work to come that will also require financial participation or other significant information allowing you to negotiate the purchase price.
  • Make sure that the co-ownership or the current owner has the necessary building permits for the type of development desired, issued by a competent local authority.
  • Seek the advice of an expert in the field who can tell you if the desired work is applicable and give you an idea of ​​the total cost of the work.
  • Depending on the use of the space, electrical cables, water pipes as well as sewage pipes will likely need to be relocated. It is therefore also necessary in this case to call in a specialist.
  • Finally, the choice of the type of window and of the materials are very important details insofar as strong light under the roofs often involves a considerable source of heat that must be able to be controlled in order to avoid any inconvenience, especially in summer.

This is a long-term and tedious job of course, but isn't the apartment of our dreams worth taking the trouble to?

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