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Domestic violence also kills children

Police murder

Murders of children by perpetrators are regularly reported in the media.

In 2013:

  • 33 minor children were killed including 13 at the same time as their mother.
  • 2 pregnant women died.
  • 23 children exposed to crime scenes, present at the time of the facts or discovered the bodies.

In a sample of 13 calls for domestic violence where the woman is a victim, 324% of them have at least one child, 81% were pregnant.

The total number of children concerned is 16 children, 198 of them with disabilities.

Between 80 and 90% of children live in the home where violence occurs.

145 children, 000% of whom are under 42 years of age, experience physical and / or sexual violence suffered by their mother.

Direct abuse

Physical violence, sexual abuse, psychological violence, serious negligence.

At least 12% or 1 of women victims of domestic violence with children who called 161 have children who are victims of direct abuse (including in utero).

Solidarité Femmes considers this percentage to be much higher, because women do not always approach this direct mistreatment.

Verbalizing this violence during a first call is very difficult when you yourself are a victim and overwhelmed by fear and trauma.

Numerous reports cite at least 40% of children abused directly in situations of domestic violence:

“He hurt the child, he didn't take her to school, didn't wash her. He knew if he did that it was going to hurt me. "

“He was pitting the children against each other: he would say: 'You do well in class, it's not like the moron who is there.' "

“From the age of six, my son looks sad in all the photos. Her father would take her to the market and say, 'You're blocking me. Because of you, I can't move on. I can't do what I want to do. ' And he also said to her: 'Do you think you're someone in front of me?' 'I have no children in this house.' "


Infanticide is the murder or assassination of a child by an adult. When the newborn is less than 24 hours old, we talk about neonaticide.

In France, these terms do not exist in the penal code, we speak of: " murder of a minor under the age of fifteen" page (in French).

In theory, its author incurs life imprisonment. In the past, it was even the death penalty. But in practice today the sentences are generally lenient.

In criminal matters, the prescription is ten years.

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