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The privatization of mobile radars: the new "money pump" of the State

The privatization of mobile radars: The new "money pump" of the State

The principle of on-board radars

These are unmarked cars equipped with new generation radars placed on the rear shelf (only a small black block can be seen) which, while driving, flashes speeding vehicles:

  • In both directions of the road
  • The flash is not visible
  • Tickets are sent directly to you


It is no longer police officers or sworn gendarmes who will note the offenses but drivers of private companies. The public authorities will launch a call for tenders to choose the companies in charge of this public service mission.

Optimal performance

Currently the police spend an hour a day traveling with the on-board radars. This represents 383 unmarked cars (Renault Mégane, Citroën Berlingo, Peugeot 208 and 308, Dacia Sandero Stepway).

From September it will be: 450 vehicles (initially) which will circulate on all the roads (chosen by the prefect), eight hours a day. These are more than 38,5 million minutes. With an average amount of the fine of 56,85 euros, the State will garner, according to estimates of 40 million motorists, nearly 2,2 billion euros (instead of the current 900 million).

This measure is already included in the finance law in favor of road safety. It will cost more than 3 billion euros. So needless to say that the public authorities hope to amortize it very quickly.

To justify this privatization, the government claims that it will reduce the number of deaths on the roads except that for 2016, the increase in mortality was 0,2%. It's sad, but difficult to do better!

The only protection for users will be that the reports will be signed by the police, and that private service providers will not have access to the data collected by the speed cameras, nor to the number of speeding violations observed.

But no need to kid ourselves. Nothing will protect you from overzealousness. This is the principle of privatization: All these companies will embark on the race for numbers to protect and justify their approvals. And their employees will be required to perform to keep their jobs.

It is a win / win situation between the State which abandons as soon as it can all its prerogatives of public services and of these private companies. And all this on the backs of motorists.


Already 78% of French people say they are opposed to the privatization of these radars. And 80% believe that speed control on the roads should remain in the domain of the public service.

40 Million motorists is launching a digital event. Anyone opposed to the measure can send their photo or that of their vehicle by MMS, or simply their first name by SMS to, a number open for the occasion, or to the site www.nonalaprivatisationdesradarsembarques.com. Objective: to collect more than a million messages in a month and to challenge the presidential candidates.

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