Between family I love you and family I hate you, nothing is more framed and therefore protected by law than family.

Whether it is about the rights granted to the family unit or to each member of the family in the broad sense (parents, children, grandparents, allies ...) it will be a question of addressing all the topics concerning the rights and obligations weighing on family members.

And even more because family law covers so many notions ranging from marriage, to adoption, to the responsibility of parents and that of children ...

Understanding the divorce process

Divorce proceedings

Since the divorce reform, yet made to simplify people's lives, it has become difficult to navigate. So before getting to the heart of the matter, here is an outline of the different stages of divorce proceedings. The law of May 26, 2004 n° 2004-439 entered into force on January 1, 2005,…
The wedding

The wedding

The fundamental principles of the right to marryThe right to marryLimits to the right to marryLimits to the effects of marriageAuthorization of a spouse to perform acts aloneAnnulment of marriageThe marriage contractThe duties of marriageWho can oppose a marriage?“Grey” marriage » or « white »: frauds and consequencesThe impediments and prohibitions to marriageThe right to…
Legal relations between cohabiting partners


A common-law union concerns two people of the same or different sex, sharing a community of life. The only difference with a married or PACS couple is that it is a de facto union. That is to say, unofficial. Should we deduce from this that they have no rights and therefore no obligation? For many, that's all the beauty...
PACS: Advantages and disadvantages

PACS: advantages and disadvantages

The rights and obligations of PACS partners are very similar to those of marriage, simply because they share a community of life and interests. Once the Pacs agreement has been signed, the partners change status. This change will cause them to lose or benefit from certain social, professional and tax advantages. It was…

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