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Lawyer in business law: Missions, studies, qualities

Lawyer in business law: Missions, studies, qualities

What is a Business Lawyer? What are the missions he administers in his work? What are the training and studies required to exercise this type of employment in the legal field? Find out the answers in this article!

What does this job consist of?

The business law lawyer is a legal professional who plays a crucial role in the life of a company. His main mission is to control, protect and defend the interests and the legality of the operations of the structure that hires him.

 As such, he manages many daily tasks that include management, strategic advice and compliance. Its missions are therefore varied and it can be brought:

  • Ensure legislative monitoring and inform management of legislative changes
  • Recommend necessary changes to ensure the company's legislative compliance
  • To advise the business manager on the strategic plan and assess the level of risk of a project
  • Preparing litigation files, including drafting documents (subpoenas, formal notices, responses, etc.) and liaising with opposing lawyers. This role is similar to that of the litigation lawyer
  • Supervise the drafting and monitoring of contracts

What are the training and studies to follow to become a business lawyer?

To exercise the profession of corporate lawyer, you must hold a master's degree in business law, with a specialty in accounting and business management. The professional master's degree in industrial law, tax law, labor law are also recognized diplomas to access this profession.

In addition, there are other diplomas that can be prepared in parallel, namely:

  • A diploma from a management school
  • The IAE diploma or Institute of Business Administration
  • The IEP diploma or Institute of Political Studies

However, many companies require the acquisition of the Certificate of Aptitude for the Profession of Lawyer or CAPA. The DJCE or Diplôme de juriste-conseil d'entreprise is also an acceptable type of training to become a business lawyer.

What are the skills and qualities required for a business lawyer?

Given that the profession of business lawyer is a profession with high responsibility, it must be endowed with a certain number of skills:

  • Knowledge of business law and legal texts
  • Ability to interpret the law and master case law
  • In-depth knowledge of Internet communication tools and legal databases
  • Excellent knowledge of office tools
  • Good command of the English language
  • Spirit of analysis, synthesis and criticism
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Sense of communication and organization
  • Curious, rigorous

Some tips for landing the job of corporate lawyer

Whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first job or a business lawyer looking for a new challenge, you must be well prepared. From writing your application to interviewing, you need to stand out to ensure you land a contract for this profession.

By preparing your application, and especially your CV, show that you have experience, especially if you are an experienced candidate. If you are a junior candidate, don't hesitate to highlight your internships or work-study jobs as a business lawyer. They represent your first experiences in the legal field.

In addition, also use the different diplomas you have obtained. They justify that you have effectively deepened your knowledge and your know-how to be a corporate lawyer. The different skills you have acquired and your behavioral skills are also assets to boost your application.

The layout of your CV should also be taken into account so that it attracts the attention of the recruiter. So consider choosing a CV template with an attractive appearance. If you find it difficult to choose the perfect design, do not hesitate to visit this site for More information and to discover ready-to-use CV examples.

When it comes to preparing for the job interview, you need to anticipate the questions you will be asked. Among the most frequently asked questions during this meeting are:

  • Can you introduce yourself ?
  • Why are you interested in the position you are applying for?
  • How do you see your career?
  • How are you the ideal candidate?
  • Are you a leader?

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