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IVG: The Pope authorizes absolution and the legislator creates the offense of digital obstruction

IVG: The Pope authorizes absolution and the legislator creates the offense of digital obstruction

This Pope Francis is resolutely anchored in his time. Abortion, the practice of which entailed the excommunication of women who had given themselves up to it, can now be understood and absolved.

Well let's not get carried away, this good Pope Francis doesn't recognize the right to abortion, but authorizes priests to absolve women who have had an abortion or those who will have helped to perform it (midwives, doctors ...) to prevent them from ending up in the flames of hell.

But this statement could give pause to some followers of Anti-IVG commandos whose actions of disinformation on the net are the subject of a new criminal sanction for the offense of “digital obstruction”.

Faced with the profusion of websites which disseminate false information to prevent women from accessing their rights on abortion, the legislator is strengthening the penal system by creating a new offense of obstructing abortion on the digital.

Small reminder for this time that the under 20s cannot know ...

In the 1990s, the fashion was for commando operations led by fundamentalist Catholics. They besieged hospitals to prevent the smooth running of interventions and handcuffed themselves to hospital equipment (tables, stretchers ...) while uttering Go from Retro Satanas to healthcare professionals and their patients.

It took on such a scale that the legislator decided in 1993 to create the offense of obstruction for which these nostalgic for the witch hunt incurred two years of imprisonment and 30 euros? Franks? fine.

The systematic sending of CRS and the risk of being prosecuted in court with a criminal record, forced them to review their action plan. They went on to distribute leaflets in front of (and no longer in) health establishments or family planning, arguing vengeful sermons. So the law was extended in 2001 and then in 2014 to sanction all these acts of intimidation.

But these actions have never ceased and it is no great surprise on the websites that anti-abortion activists have taken refuge. And there all the blows (as low as possible) are allowed.

“Anti-abortion groups (…) are now advancing masked, hidden behind apparently neutral and objective platforms, which imitate and compete with institutional news sites [and] deliberately seek to deceive women. Worse, they are sometimes relayed by listening cells run by “anti-choice” activists without any training who want to make women feel guilty and discourage them from having recourse to abortion. "

The Minister of Women's Rights, Laurence Rossignol therefore presented a new text to the assembly to create a digital obstruction offense.

The political opponents of this text argue for freedom of expression ...

They pretend to ignore that these methods of disinformation are already widespread on the net like all these scam sites (from these famous "grazers" to counterfeit manufacturers) which use the same layout as official sites and a guilty speech to appease, deceive and harass their victims.

The only difference is that some are after your money and others against your body because, let us remember, it is in the name of the free disposal of the human body that the legislation authorizing the voluntary interruption of pregnancy.

Fraud for some rights of expression for others ...

But this debate is not close to being closed, the text must go before the Senate, so the final vote is not expected before February 2017, when the text will certainly be submitted to the Constitutional Council, so to be continued ...

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