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Real estate: is it better to sell alone or entrust your property to a real estate agent?

Real estate: is it better to sell alone or entrust your property to a real estate agent?

The real estate market has never been better in France than in recent years. Low interest rates have in fact made it possible to compensate for a so to speak permanent and regular rise in prices. The cards have been redistributed somewhat in favor of the Covid-19 pandemic: we see that rural areas as well as medium-sized provincial towns are attracting more and more people, the market there is in fact more dynamic.

It is clear, however, that sellers tend to become scarce and that there are certain properties which are becoming difficult to find on the market. This is particularly the case for houses, again due to the Covid. Indeed, the various confinements that have been imposed on us have pushed some French people to live in a house with not only a larger living area, but also a garden. If you want to position yourself as a seller, here are some tips to follow so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

A fair estimate

Estimating the value of your property is crucial since it will determine the amount for which you can hope to sell it and therefore the budget you can allocate to the subsequent purchase. You can already get a first idea by consulting this site. By taking into account multiple criteria such as all those specific to the property itself, but also its environment as well as market trends at the precise time of this estimate, a detailed report will be drawn up which will constitute a very good first basis for reflection.

We obviously recommend that in order to complete this estimate, you bring a real estate agent on site. Certain specificities may indeed have difficulty in being identified via the estimate request forms.

Make the choice to sell alone or not

Selling by yourself without benefiting from the assistance of a professional is then quite possible. Keep in mind, however, that this will require your time, availability, potential buyers may have a lifestyle close to yours, you will have to make yourself available during your moments of rest, when you may be difficult to free yourself from your professional obligations to show people working evenings and/or weekends.

You don't sell a house or an apartment either, like you can sell furniture or even a used vehicle. This may indeed require a commercial sense that you do not necessarily have. Not only is this something a real estate professional knows how to do. Just as he is in total control of specific elements concerning the market, a market of which, we would like to remind you, we told you in the introduction that it could be subject to many changes.

The costs that this entails are generally passed on to the sale price, so it is the buyers who will bear them. Hence the interest you may have in using an agency as a seller.

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