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Bailiff: roles, missions and field of action, what to remember?

Bailiff: roles, missions and field of action, what to remember?

Conflict situations are inherent in life. To cover your back, and protect your goods and services, it is often recommended to call on a bailiff. But basically, what do we know about this actor of justice? Better, what role does it play? And above all, what are these areas of intervention? In this article, we tell you everything about this legal services actor, a real intermediary between justice and the community.

Who is the bailiff?

Like the lawyer to whom we are all accustomed, the judicial officer is a legal professional. Officiating under the Ministry of Justice, he wants to be an effective intermediary between justice and individuals.

Clearly, it serves as an intermediary between the community and legal services for the execution of court decisions. By therefore resorting to this professional like this bailiff in Paris, you are sure to enjoy:  

  • Expert advice;
  • Mediation in your various disputes;
  • Support for the collection of your unpaid bills;
  • Etc

As you will have understood, the areas of intervention of the bailiff are enormous, and vary according to the circumstances and the facts.

What role does he play?

As mentioned above, the fields of action of the bailiff are diverse and varied. But first, note that the latter remains above all an officer of the Ministry of Justice. Working in this capacity, he notably ensures the application of court decisions from the various trials. And that's not all.

He also takes care of the convening formalities and also plays the role of intermediary for individuals. In short, he intervenes both in the settlement of disputes and in the follow-up of court decisions.

When should you call on him?

Many reasons can compel individuals and companies to call on a bailiff. In reality, we can note:

Make a statement

Among the areas of intervention of the bailiff, that relating to theestablishment of a report figure prominently. Clearly, it represents the officer of justice to seize if you want to make note:

  • La noise pollution of those around you;
  • The state of deterioration of your accommodation;
  • Damage caused by water or humidity on your furniture;
  • Etc

You guessed it, by drawing up a report of these various findings, the bailiff will allow you to support your arguments with irrefutable evidence. Its degree of precision and its professionalism will then allow you to assert your rights for your greatest happiness.

Collect a debt

The other area in which the services of a bailiff are recommended is debt collection. Justice officer par excellence, he represents the person best qualified to put pressure on his creditors. Keep in mind, however, that he can only act on the last six months of unpaid bills.

Inform an adversary of justice

Apart from his action in the recovery of debts, the judicial officer also intervenes in the summons before a court. Therefore, because of his mission, he serves as an intermediary in the hand-delivery of a court summons.

By using its service, you are sure to enforce the execution deadlines by protecting you from any dispute. What could be better !

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