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Do you need a lawyer to open a business?

Open a business with a lawyer

It is not difficult to start a business in order to expand its activities. Indeed, the process is within everyone's reach since the administrative formalities are relatively simple. In addition, it is now possible to create your business online in just a few clicks. Despite its advantages, some entrepreneurs seek the assistance of a lawyer during this operation.

What are the advantages of hiring a lawyer for a business creation?

To benefit from his expertise on the legal form of the company

When you decide to embark on entrepreneurship, you must first structure the project: business plan, legal status, find premises, open a professional bank account, company logo design or the creation of a website.  

As you have understood, there are several steps to creating a business. If these steps may seem simple, it is nevertheless advisable to call on the expertise of a lawyer in Business law for the articles of association of the company. 

Indeed, you have the choice to open the company under the status of micro-entrepreneur, a Single-Person Limited Liability Company, a Limited Liability Company, SAS, SA, etc.

Apart from the amount of the investment, the lawyer will be able to guide you on the responsibilities of each form by explaining the advantages and disadvantages according to the profile of the entrepreneur.

For writing a personalized status

Drafting the legal status is one of the most important steps in setting up a business. Indeed, it is this document that governs not only the operation of the company, but also the relations between the partners. 

Typically, new entrepreneurs download templates available online. Nevertheless, these are standard statutes, they do not take into account the particularities of the company you wish to create.

With a lawyer, you can be sure that the statutes of your future company will take into account its internal and external environment. These are the activities carried out by the company, the income taxes to be paid, the company name, the tax household, etc. The entrepreneur will therefore be able to cope with any difficulties that his company may encounter.

To guard against an incomplete or incorrectly assembled file

Business creation file

Apart from the documents that include the statutes of your company, you must attach a file with supporting documents at the time of the creation of the company. Among the main documents:

  • a certificate of non-conviction from the manager/director,
  • the deed of appointment of the manager/director,
  • an application for registration of the company.

Since the lawyer has the necessary experience, he will be able to guide the entrepreneur very early on on the steps to follow so that the file is well put together. It should also be noted that entrepreneurs who embark on the creative process with poorly prepared files often find themselves in boring situations. 

Thus, with the support of a conscientious professional who masters the laws, the business creator puts all the chances on his side so that there is no negative legal and financial impact. 

To save time

Seeking the expertise of a lawyer when setting up a company saves time. Thus, you can delegate the drafting of the statutes, but also the establishment of other legal documents such as the shareholders' agreement. 

Since the auto-entrepreneur will have delegated the drafting of the statutes and the file, he will have more time to take care of more important points. Note that in most cases, it is the lack of knowledge that wastes the most time.

Finally, in the event of an incident, the lawyer will assume his responsibilities and the entrepreneur will be protected since the service is covered by his professional civil liability. 

To avoid paying unnecessary fees

Although the entrepreneur has the option of doing everything alone, it is still not advisable to opt for this solution. Indeed, making a mistake can cost more than seeking the expertise of a business law professional. In addition, when you benefit from the expertise of a professional from the start, this one will do everything possible to protect you and cover your company in the event of litigation.

Considering all these explanations, it is obvious that you need a lawyer to open a business properly. Do not hesitate to contact a professional for personalized support.

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