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Construires.fr: building permits, declaration of works and real estate marketing


The construction and real estate sector is constantly evolving. To carry out a construction or renovation project successfully, it is essential to rely on a specialized agency with solid expertise. This is the case of builds.fr, which has supported its clients for more than 10 years in their administrative procedures and their real estate marketing strategy.

Advice and support for building permits and work declarations

Obtaining a building permit or completing a declaration of works are essential steps in bringing a real estate project to fruition. These administrative procedures can be complex and time-consuming for individuals and professionals. To facilitate these processes, builds.fr offers its know-how and uses its experience acquired over the years.

Building permit

The building permit is an essential authorization to carry out any large-scale construction or development operation. It makes it possible to verify that the project complies with town planning rules and standards in force. The procedure involves several stages, including the submission of the complete file, the examination of the request by the various competent services and obtaining, if necessary, authorization.

Thanks to its expertise, builds.fr advises and supports its clients in compiling the building permit application file, particularly in terms of technical studies, plans and administrative documents.

Declaration of works

For smaller-scale developments or work that does not require a building permit, a prior declaration of work must be made. This process is less complex than that of obtaining a building permit, but nevertheless requires compliance with town planning rules. As for the building permit, builds.fr guides and supports its clients throughout this administrative procedure.

A major player in the field of real estate marketing

Beyond the administrative and technical aspects linked to construction, it is essential to master real estate marketing tools to promote a project and guarantee its commercial success. With over 10 years of experience, builds.fr has developed real expertise in communication and sales strategies in this sector.

Strategic marketing consulting

Agency builds.fr helps its clients develop an effective real estate marketing strategy adapted to their needs. She studies the market, the competition and the particularities of the project in depth to design a tailor-made action plan.

Promotion and communication

Promotion and communication are at the heart of the success of a real estate project. builds.fr offers innovative solutions to promote and sell a property or a real estate program, whether through professional networks, traditional media or digital tools.

Architectural firm trainer in Paris

In addition to its services intended for individuals and professionals in the real estate sector, the agency builds.fr also asserts itself as a recognized player in the formation of architectural firms in Paris. The training provided allows architects to acquire new skills and knowledge specific to their profession.

Training in administrative procedures

In order to optimize relations between architects and administrations, builds.fr offers training on procedures relating to building permits and work declarations. These training courses aim to improve understanding of town planning rules and technical standards as well as mastery of the documents required during these procedures.

Introduction to real estate marketing for architects

Understanding and integrating the mechanisms of real estate marketing is an asset for architects who wish to develop their activity and promote their achievements. On this aspect, builds.fr sets up specific training courses to introduce professionals to communication and sales strategies in the real estate sector.

Why choose constructs.fr?

Several reasons explain why it is wise to entrust your project to constructions.fr:

  • Solid experience and expertise : with more than 10 years of experience in the field, builds.fr has all the skills necessary to carry out a project, whether it is a building permit, a declaration of works or a 'a real estate marketing strategy.
  • Personalized support : each customer benefits from a privileged relationship with the construction.fr team, which takes into account their specific needs and expectations to develop the best possible solution.
  • Diversified services : beyond administrative procedures, constructers.fr also offers real estate marketing and training services for architectural firms, thus providing comprehensive support for each project.

In summary, builds.fr is a specialized agency that brings its expertise and experience to simplify and optimize any real estate project. Whether to obtain a building permit, complete a work declaration or implement an effective real estate marketing strategy, this agency is a partner of choice to guarantee the success of each stage of the project.

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