La fiscal pressure which weighs on the company and in particular on the leader can vary from simple to double according to the adopted schemes. the choice of the method of remuneration is therefore essential on pain of seeing most of its efforts turn into a tax contribution.

The manager of a company subject to corporate tax has, in fact, great freedom to build your salary. But he must take into account the tax and social implications and think globally, taking into account the company's cash flow and its short, medium and long-term needs.

The manager can arbitrate between salary compensation, dividend compensation or a mix of the two...

Beyond the "salary" versus "dividend" match, there are much more interesting legal solutions in that they make it possible to escape both social charges and corporation tax. Our team will explain these subtleties to you in detail and will be able to develop and carry out advanced numerical simulations, to offer you the most suitable solutions.

THEoptimization fiscale is not limited to executive compensation. It also includes all of his personal and professional assets (real estate income, income from movable capital, capital gains from individuals, etc.). The law offers solutions to reduce income of any kind.

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