The fees of the tax lawyer are free and fixed in agreement with the client. There is no indicative scale. It is therefore necessary to discuss with your lawyer specializing in tax law the methods used to determine the amount of his fees.

Schematically, there are three types of fees:

Honorarium based on time spent

The lawyer and the client agree from the beginning on an hourly remuneration. For example, an hourly rate in tax law may be as follows:

  • 230 € excluding tax per hour of consultation
  • 170 € excluding tax per hour of work on file

The block fee

The lawyer and his client come to an agreement from the beginning of their relationship on a global remuneration for the service defined between them. Beyond that, any service not provided for will be subject to new remuneration.

The result fee

The rules of the French profession prevent the lawyer's fees from being determined solely by winning the case or according to the result obtained. On the other hand, it is possible to agree on a basic fee (flat rate or hourly rate), supplemented by additional remuneration calculated according to the result obtained. This additional fee must be subject to prior agreement.

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