Dividends, interest, capital gains, real estate…: the finance laws that have followed one another for years continue to increase the tax bill.
Particularly targeted, the leaders of SMEs and independent professions are widely called upon by the legislator to meet the needs of the State, communities and social organizations.

Therefore, asset and tax optimization is more important than ever to any creator of wealth. Faced with such a profusion of legislation, there are still legal mechanisms and arrangements to soften a tax system that has become as penalizing as it is complex.

Mediafixer lawyers in tax law are trained to advise on a better structuring of professional and private assets as well as a sound remuneration strategy.

Tax optimization in tax law

Tax optimization

The fiscal pressure which weighs on the company and in particular on the leader can vary from simple to double according to the diagrams...
Asset restructuring

Asset restructuring

Very often, professional and private assets are built up as needs and liquidity arise. He…
Tax litigation

Tax litigation

The contentious phase occurs after maintaining a disagreement with the administration and collection of taxes. A tax attorney can...
Tax lawyer fees

Tax lawyer fees

The fees of the tax lawyer are free and fixed in agreement with the client. There is no indicative scale….

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  1. Hello,

    I am writing to seek your professional tax advice on setting up a business in Ireland as a Moroccan citizen residing in France. I realize that setting up a business can be a complex process and I believe that your knowledge and experience can help me navigate this process effectively.

    I would like your advice on the following:

    The legal and tax requirements for setting up a business in Ireland as a Moroccan citizen residing in France.
    The tax implications for my business in terms of taxation of profits and VAT.
    The options available for managing my accounts in Ireland.
    Any other relevant information that you may consider important for setting up a business in Ireland.
    I am willing to discuss your fees for these services and would appreciate if you could provide me with an estimate of the costs associated with your assistance.

    Thank you for your time and attention to this request. I look forward to discussing these issues with you.

    Mr Maouda

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