In administrative law, everything begins with an act or a decision of the administration. But what are these acts? Can we really challenge them all? And what remedies do we have?

He is a very special judge since the judges in charge of judging administrative acts come from… the administration! A statute that does not fit well with the principles of objectivity and impartiality required by the act of judging. But what is it really? Who are they and how are they appointed? How are these jurisdictions organized, what are their competences and how can they be seized?

Administrative tribunals

Administrative tribunals

The principle of the separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial power is the keystone of…
Administrative acts

Administrative acts

To exercise its public service mission, the Administration takes acts that you can challenge before the administrative judge (Without ...
The state Council

The state Council

Obeying the principle of separation of powers between the judiciary and the executive by the law of August 16 and 24 ...
Who is the public rapporteur?

The public rapporteur

Although the public rapporteur is a full member of administrative courts, he does not belong to the formation of ...

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  1. Hello
    I come to you to expose you to our complicated situation.
    The succession began in June 2022.
    We have decided to sell land classified as OAP registered in the PLUI since 2010 and renewed in 2020.
    The new Mayor tells us
    Only today by mail that he opposes the OAP and wishes
    Keep the land as a natural space.
    No writing has reached our parents concerning the decision of the community of commune.
    We had to get the information to be able to sell the land to a promoter from the agency.
    The Mayor wants to buy our land while it is still in PLUI but at half price of the sale price.
    We certify that this land will go into UB while an email response from the DRAC writes that the land cannot go back to UB remaining either in PLUI or Agricultural land.
    To close the succession we must sell this land which is currently in PLUI Are we in the legality if the mayor and neighbor of our land does not respect the PLUI?
    Can the community of communes turn against us?
    The Mayor and his deputies
    Do not send us any documents from the exchanges with the president of the community of commune and the president did not respond to our request for an appointment by email a month ago.
    If we cannot sell the land, the estate will not be able to succeed and we will have tax costs.
    Should we keep the land in joint ownership?
    We have agricultural land can we sell it to a farmer as long as we do not have answers from the commune community.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Hello
    I live in france from 4 months but don't demand apply for assylum. Due to medical reason. Today police arrest me and told me leave country and ban for 3 year. Police give me 48 hours for appeal so please help me. If applicable. I want to apply assylum and stay here. Reomvoe ban.
    Thank you
    Name. Haidar ali
    Phone. +33 7 78 70 96 44

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