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Difference between assistance and legal protection

Difference between assistance and legal protection

In the absence of being able to maintain an internal legal department or to resort to the services of external experts (lawyers), the entrepreneur who does not have enough means, can however be assisted by other legal experts.

Legal assistance

Indeed, legal assistance makes it possible to obtain legal advice on what to do or not to do in the event of a dispute or potentially contentious situation. To do this, the use of a specialist in the field is therefore necessary. But given the modest means of the entrepreneur, the latter can only turn to less expensive specialists or make the internet an ally. But the problem with this second option is that the information obtained on the internet is not personalized and can therefore have serious consequences in the event of misinterpretation.

This is why it is possible to be accompanied by a lawyer who will be responsible for finding the appropriate answers to your questions. In addition, it will personalize them in the sense that the answers will be provided in the light of your case. Otherwise, the solutions will be tailor-made because they directly address your legal problems. This option is all the more open to the entrepreneur because it saves time and is less risky in terms of the consequences of a potential misinterpretation.

Although it comes in different forms, legal assistance has a common ground in that a client subscribes to a service offered by a company that offers this type of service.

From then on, this client has the contact details (email, telephone, online interface, etc.) of the service provider (expert) to ask him questions if necessary. As already noted above, one of the advantages of this technique is undoubtedly the fact that the answers provided are personalized. Indeed, the expert will not only be content to send his client a text of law corresponding to his situation but a real analysis of it, thus allowing him to choose between the response options available to him. . This allows you to have a clear idea of ​​how the law deals with your situation.

If the intervention of a lawyer is necessary, your assistant will also not hesitate to let you know. He will be able to advise you and direct you to a highly qualified lawyer in the matter.

Ultimately, legal assistance is an alternative to the internal legal service or recourse to an external legal service for entrepreneurs who do not have great means.

Legal protection

Dealing with this one, it is advisable to remove any confusion which it can have with the juridic protection. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see people take one for the other and vice versa.

If legal assistance consists of being accompanied by a legal expert in order to find solutions to given legal problems, legal protection is none other than the fact of including in a contract, a clause of insurance aimed at covering the costs of proceedings (expert fees, lawyers' fees, procedural costs, etc.) in the event of a dispute arising.

This is the case, for example, of automobile insurance contracts which generally contain a legal protection clause in the event of litigation following a traffic accident.

We could represent the two concepts schematically as follows: while legal assistance aims to prevent the occurrence of a dispute, legal protection aims to cure the dispute.

Moreover, legal assistance has a wider scope because most often covering all the legal issues faced by the client, legal protection generally has: well-defined areas, limited coverage ceilings, a well-defined territorial jurisdiction...

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