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How to write a vacation rental contract?

When the vacation period arrives, many owners rent their furnished accommodation for a fixed period for vacationers. From now on, in the context of accommodation rentals during the holidays, there must be a written contract. Writing a vacation rental lease agreement comes with many rules. How should a vacation rental contract be drawn up? Point.

Importance of a Vacation Rental Agreement

A vacation rental contract or seasonal rental contract refers to a legal document that outlines the conditions and terms of renting a furnished accommodation. The law declares that the execution of a seasonal rental contract is obligatory if a tenant wishes to rent a property for seasonal rental. The contract will be signed by the tenant and the owner or lessor before or after the reservation. The purpose of the seasonal rental contract is to reduce the risk of litigation in order to avoid conflict between the tenant and the lessor. 

Stages of the realization of a seasonal rental lease agreement

Two options are available during the realization of a seasonal rental contract:

  • Writing under private seal: the contract is drawn up directly between the tenant and the owner with a professional (bailiff, real estate agent, etc.).
  • Drafting by notary: it is a notarial deed.

If the tenant and the owner decide to make a private contract, they can choose between:

  • Write the contract by hand using word processing software such as Word.
  • Download a seasonal rental agreement template from the internet and then customize it.

Vacation rental lease agreement: mandatory clauses


Whatever the model of the seasonal rental lease contract, it must mention:

  • The identity and full address of the owner and tenant of the rental accommodation.
  • The address and type of the accommodation property (house, apartment, villa, etc.)
  • The length of stay of tenants in the furnished residence.
  • The technical details of the rental property (area, furniture, activities, etc.)
  • The amount of the rent.
  • The down payment amount.
  • The holiday tax.
  • The method and model of payment.
  • The mention "Read and approved" and the signature of both parties (the tenant and the lessor).

Seasonal rental lease agreement: non-mandatory clauses, but which can be useful

Depending on the situation, the seasonal rental lease contract may include some of the following information:

  • The maximum number of people authorized to occupy the accommodation during the seasonal rental.
  • The prohibition or not of a pet.
  • The clause if there is cancellation of the contract.
  • The amount of the security deposit.
  • The amount of other charges apart from rent such as the cost of heating, additional furniture or fittings, etc.

Note that the law prohibits certain references to a vacation rental lease agreement. The automatic renewal of the contract is, for example, prohibited by law.

The complements of a vacation rental contract

A rental file also and obligatorily accompanies the signing of a vacation rental lease contract. This rental file is generally made up of:

  • The state of risk and pollution: The period of validity of this is 6 months.
  • The diagnosis of energy performance of the dwelling. Period of validity: 10 years.
  • The observation of the risks of exposure to lead if the dwelling was built before January 1, 1949.

“In practice, carrying out an inventory is very frequent. From now on, in principle, carrying out an inventory is not compulsory. »

Find a rental agreement template 

A rental contract must contain essential and mandatory information to ensure that the rental period goes as smoothly as possible. Who has never heard of unsanitary apartments, noise pollution, breakage, theft and other inconveniences when the owners recover their property at the end of the holidays. 

Some platforms, such as those that put individuals in contact with other individuals, take care of drafting the contract themselves and by accepting the general conditions, the user agrees to have read the contract and to respect it. 

In other cases, a real estate agency can take care of drafting the latter itself, in exchange, of course, for a commission.

Another option is to write it yourself and find all the essential elements for this type of contract on your own. To do this, it is possible to simplify your life and download pre-filled rental contracts directly online, which you just have to complete and sign. In order to find the best platform offering this service of rental contract template, do not hesitate to compare online offers based, for example, on the opinions of other users. Their advice usually turns out to be very valuable. 

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