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How to obtain a residence permit after a talent passport?

How to obtain a residence permit after talent passport?

Established by the law of March 7, 2016, the residence permit “talent passport” is a multi-year residence permit for foreigners wishing to work in France for more than 3 months. Characterized by an easier issuance procedure, the “talent passport” offers opening opportunities for international talents who no longer necessarily need family ties in France or work permits to stay there.

In principle, only the foreign worker holding a diploma attesting to at least 3 years of higher education or documents justifying 5 years of professional experience of a comparable level and an employment contract of indefinite duration or of fixed duration of 12 months minimum of which the employer established in France with a gross annual remuneration at least equal to 1,5 times the amount of the average gross annual reference salary fixed by decree, i.e. €53 on 836,50 January 1, may request benefit from a “talent passport”.

Speaking of "talent passport", there must also be a "researcher-talent passport" which allows a doctoral student under certain conditions to conduct research or teach in France.

The application procedure for the file differs depending on whether the applicant is abroad or already in France. When the applicant lives abroad, the file is submitted to the French Consulate in his country of residence in order to obtain a long-stay visa. Indeed, the talent passport residence permit will only be given to him once he has arrived in France.

However, when the latter is already in France, the application is then filed with the prefecture or sub-prefecture of his domicile. If you live in Paris, you must therefore contact the Paris police headquarters within 2 months before the expiry of your residence permit.

Note that the maximum validity of the residence permit talent passport is 4 years renewable. However, it should be noted that this duration depends on that of the employment contract or the applicant's mission. In other words, the duration of the residence permit is based on the employment contract or the applicant's mission without however exceeding 4 years. This is why, when the intended stay is less than one year, applying for a residence permit is not necessary. In this case, he is replaced by a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS), with a mention “talent passport”.

During the period of validity of the title, it is possible for its beneficiary to renew it in the event of a change in its status. To do this, he must ensure that he fulfills the conditions for issuing the residence permit relating to the status envisaged. In addition, the applicant is required to provide proof of his seriousness and his stability during his stay in France, in this case, those relating to the clauses mentioned in the Republican integration contract.

The change is granted only if these conditions are met. When this is the case, a temporary residence permit valid for 1 year, renewable as a multi-year residence permit, is given to the applicant.

If such a change is possible, it should nevertheless be emphasized that this possibility is not applicable to all statuses. This is why it is possible to obtain information directly from the prefecture before initiating the procedure.

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