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How to domicile an association in Paris: our tips

How to domicile an association in Paris: our tips

The domiciliation of an association is necessary to facilitate its identification and grant it credit. It is important to know the law that applies to the organization and to determine the jurisdiction of the court during a dispute. Having an association domiciled in a big city like Paris is a major asset for it. Would you like to have an idea of ​​the best domiciliation plans in the French capital? Read !

To register an association, you must first ensure that it meets the requirements set by law. These include having a minimum number of members, having a constitution and rules, and having a registered office. You will also need to submit certain documents to the Registrar of Associations.

Once your association is registered, it can begin to operate legally. This means that she can conclude contracts, open a bank account, etc. The domiciliation is an important step for the rest of your steps. Here are our tips for domiciliating your association in Paris.

Domiciliation with specialized companies

One of the good plans of domiciliation of an association in paris is that of specialized companies. This is an option that allows these organizations to enjoy better visibility. Indeed, by contacting a Parisian company specialized in domiciliation, you have the assurance of benefiting from an excellent location within the city.

Having an association whose head office is in Paris is a guarantee of credibility for it. It benefits from many advantages of the capital and enjoys an international reputation. To properly domicile the association in this city, seek the services of a specialized company which will provide you with suitable premises.

It also takes care of administrative formalities relating to domiciliation. To domicile an association in Paris, one of the best plans is to solicit the services of a company specializing in the matter. This is more essential if the founders of the organization do not reside in the French capital. 

The domiciliation of the association with the town hall

Opt for the domiciliation of your company at the town hall to enjoy a good reputation with partners. This is undoubtedly one of the best options you can turn to when you want to domicile your structure. This type of process requires that you address a request to the municipal council.

At the end of this, the town hall will decide whether or not to grant you the use of its premises. According to a online accountant, this option is very advantageous for organizations in terms of cost. In most cases, it shelters them from rental charges. However, it will be necessary to prepare to pay a monthly quota to the municipal council.

This depends on the needs in terms of implementation, but also on the type of premises made available to you. Although it is a very good plan, a direct debit request does not present certainties (you are not sure of obtaining the premises).

Domiciliation at the domicile of the manager or in rental

The domiciliation at the level of the residence of the leader is one of the best that you can consider for your association. This option allows you to make significant savings and requires the drafting of domiciliation certificates. The procedures are very simplified when the election of domicile is made at the level of the executive's living environment.

They are a bit complex in the case of a lease and may however require additional costs. To domicile the association in such premises, it is imperative that the leader presents the lease contract which binds him to the owner of the dwelling. To make this choice of domiciliation, you must necessarily keep the owner informed.

This solution, although practical, may infringe privacy. It is precisely for this reason that the law restricts it to five years renewable.

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