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Camera, smartphone, microphone: spying on your nanny, is it legal?

Spying on your nanny, is it legal?

As a parent, it is completely normal to be anxious when leaving your child in the care of your nanny. And curiosity is a bad thing, even if it's reassuring to know how it goes when you're away. Therefore, installing adequate equipment to spy and surveiller sa baby-sitter may be an option for parents. But what equipment use and also, is it legal? Overview of the possibilities.

How to spy on your nanny?

Installing equipment to monitor the daily relationship between the nanny and your child must be motivated by lingering doubts about how your protege is being treated (abuse). Why is he unhappy? Why isn't he eating? Questions that justify taking action when installing spy equipment to start spying on his nanny.

Install a camera to monitor your nanny

Nothing could be more classic than setting up a surveillance camera system to observe your nanny in her every move.

More and more parents are choosing to install surveillance cameras in their homes so that they can spy on their nanny and thus ensure that everything is going well. However, it is important to bear in mind that this can have negative consequences on the relationship between the parent and the nanny. Indeed, if the nanny feels spied on, she may feel uncomfortable and even decide to quit her job. In addition, it is important to respect the privacy of the nanny and not to install a spy camera in her room or in the toilet.

Between webcams, snitches, mini-cameras, miniature cameras, you have a wide choice of cameras, all as discreet as each other. They can be hidden in stuffed animals or in small everyday objects such as (light bulbs, coat racks, alarm clocks, etc.). Associated with an SD card or a USB key that will allow the storage of recorded videos, you will then be able to view them on your computer.

With his smartphone, no additional equipment to buy

With her phone, there are 2 possibilities to monitor your nanny. First, you can use the dictaphone function of your smartphone. Already installed, it allows you to discreetly leave your mobile on a corner of the table, in a stuffed animal or wherever you want.

Second, through spy apps available, you can turn your mobile into an IP camera and follow in real time remotely via a dedicated streaming platform what is happening. There are indeed many applications that allow remote control of a camera, such as IP Cam Viewer or TinyCam Monitor.

The most discreet material: the microphone

The ideal would be to be able to hear everything that is said in your house while you are away. This is possible by installing a microphone. Easily available on the market and simple to install, the microphone allows intensive listening to your baby-sitter.

Simple equipment to hide, it will ensure a very good quality recording in addition to being easy to camouflage.

But is spying on your nanny legal?

Impossible not to ask the question: is it legal to spy on my nanny? The answer is actually not that simple.

The Penal Code in favor of the nanny

What the law says ? According to'article 226-1 of the Penal Code, invasions of the privacy of others, and therefore espionage practices, can be punished by a fine of up to 45000 euros and one year's imprisonment. However, there are several exceptions, and no court will ever give you such a heavy sentence for this kind of practice.

…but supervising in the interest of the child can be approved

However, in extreme cases, the best interests of the child take precedence over the invasion of privacy. In addition, spying only takes place on the employee's professional time and not on his personal time, video surveillance of the employee is authorized. Be careful, therefore, that your child's nanny is well declared.

It's not illegal to watch your babysitter while on the job

However, this can damage your relationship of trust with your nanny. Before thinking about investing in equipment and equipment to spy on her, first start by chatting with her to understand her character and behavior in order to create a healthy relationship.

If you are hesitant in your choice, do not hesitate to first consult a lawyer to talk about it and find out how to spy on your nanny while staying legal.

In summary, you can spy on your nanny, but make sure you have a good reason to do so and respect her privacy.

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