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The “legal” aspect of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid

The "legal" aspect of electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette has recently appeared on the market and it must be said that it has already been adopted by many people. However, several contours of this product remain unknown, in particular the legal aspect and also some accessories that compose it. If you want to know more, here are some answers that can guide you.

The legal aspect of the electronic cigarette

It must be said that from a legal point of view, age is the first criterion that must be emphasized. Thus, if you are under the age of majority (18 or depending on the country), you are not entitled to use this product. You should know that the use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited, especially in certain places. 

For public health reasons, the use of the product is not authorized in:

  • Workshops,
  • open space,
  • meeting rooms,
  • places of rest,
  • Toilets or changing rooms.

However, be aware that the ban only applies to covered and closed premises in which there are workstations assigned to collective use. 

In other words, you can use an electronic cigarette in a personal office if it has a door. Beforehand, make sure that your company's internal regulations allow it or go to a dedicated smoking area (if the company has one). 

You may not use the product in public means of transport, in schools, high schools, colleges or any establishment intended for minors.

Legislation on components and e-liquid

The legislation does not only relate to the use of the product, but note that certain provisions are envisaged vis-à-vis the components.

The legal provisions on the characteristics of the product

Know that the capacity of a bottle of E liquid is set at 10ml and its nicotine content must be less than 20mg/ml. In addition, the legislation requires manufacturers to put a safety device on the bottle to prevent leaks and be protected against breakage. As for reservoirs and cartridges pre-filled with nicotine e liquid, the maximum capacity is limited to 2ml.

Legal provisions on packaging

Legally, the bottle of an e liquid must indicate certain information, the first of which is the composition of the e liquid containing nicotine. The manufacturer is required to mention the average content of the latter as well as the quantity diffused per dose. The bottle must bear a serial number and a recommendation indicating that the product must be kept out of the reach of small children.

 In addition, manufacturers are obliged to include a health warning that nicotine can be addictive and use by a non-smoker is not recommended.

The legal provisions on the notice

It is mandatory that a notice accompanies the e liquid and this must provide information on certain information. It is a question of specifying the contraindications, the undesirable effects as well as the effect of toxicity and dependence. The notice must also mention the instructions for storage and use of the product, the contact details of the manufacturer or importer. 

Finally, warnings for specific risk groups should be included.

In short, remember that electronic cigarettes are subject to certain legal provisions imposed on the manufacturer and the consumer. In addition, it should be noted that they may vary from one country to another depending on the legislation in force.

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