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5 things to know about the death announcement

5 things to know about the death announcement

The death announcement is a document allowing the family of the deceased to announce his death to those around him. It is either sent by mail or published online and shared from an obituary. Would you like to learn more about death announcements? Here are 5 things to know about this document.

Online announcement creation

It is possible to create a death announcement online by going to dedicated sites such as Alanna. These help you share the obituary and funeral ceremony information to a wider audience. With these options, you can reach people in geographically distant locations.

Creating obituaries online makes it easier to share with more people through social media. It is ideal for reducing the costs associated with printing and mailing traditional invitations.

The possibility of sending the announcement in the local press

The death announcement is a document that can be sent by mail and published in the local press for the relatives of the deceased. As a reminder, it is generally made of white, black or gray invitation card. It contains important information such as:

  • the name of the deceased,
  • the birth date,
  • the date of death,
  • the date and time of the funeral.

In addition, this document mentions the contact details of the family. The announcement is accompanied by a photo of the deceased and can include a farewell text or a poem. Know that its publication in the local press is in most cases very expensive.

The sober layout of the announcement

The death announcement can be designed with a sober layout to convey the information with dignity and respect. This allows the family of the deceased to provide essential information about the funeral.

It can be created by the family itself or by a company specializing in funeral services. In the latter case, the family of the deceased is responsible for sending the photos, a text or a quote to be added.

The personalization of the announcement

The creation of death announcements also makes it possible to offer more flexibility to families in the personalization of their announcement. The announcement can be customized in fonts, colors and images to reflect the interests of the deceased.

It can also be personalized to pay tribute to the deceased. Families have the latitude to choose texts and images that reflect the tastes of their deceased loved one. The personalization of the announcement helps convey a personal message about the life of the deceased.

Communicating the death to relatives

The death announcement plays an important role in communicating the death to loved ones, friends and the community. It is used to share the news of the death and to plan the participation in the funeral ceremony. Thanks to this document, the participants in the funeral can organize their agenda and get ready beforehand.

It allows information to be disseminated quickly and funeral preparations to be made. The death announcement is a means of communicating to the entourage the circumstances in which the deceased left.

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